Embracing Whole Food Supplements

Whole Food Supplements

At Aescend, we’re excited to announce that we’ve started stocking a new range of whole food supplements from @vitasolptyltd. Founded by the formidable @fionatucknutrition. Fiona is a certified nutritionist and a wealth of knowledge and experience. aving spent over 20 years in the skin industry. We highly recommend tuning in to her podcast, The Forensic Nutritionist, to learn more about her whole foods approach to health and nutrition.

Why Supplementing Through Your Diet is Better Than Synthetic Supplementation

Fiona believes that the best way to address nutrient deficiencies is through a whole foods approach to your diet. While synthetic supplementation has its place, it’s important to remember that synthetic vitamins and minerals don’t work the same way as those found in natural sources. Here’s why:

Cheaper and More Convenient

Supplementing through your diet is cheaper and arguably more convenient than taking synthetic supplements.

The Body Doesn’t Easily Absorb Synthetic Vitamins

The absorption of synthetic vitamins may differ from that of naturally occurring nutrients and may even compete with the absorption of other vitamins and minerals.

The Body May Need To Process Synthetic Vitamins

The body may need to convert or process them to utilize synthetic vitamins, while whole food vitamins are readily bioavailable and recognized by the body.

Whole Foods Have Other Nutrients for Bioavailability

Whole foods provide vitamins and minerals in their naturally occurring state, alongside other essential vitamins and minerals required for bioavailability (the body’s ability to use them).

Difficult to Overdose on Whole Food Vitamins

It is very difficult to overdose on dietary derived vitamins and minerals, whereas synthetic supplements present individual nutrients at high dosages and can unsafely increase the concentration of these in your body.

The body can store synthetic vitamins

The body excretes synthetic vitamins differently from naturally occurring vitamins, and it may store synthetic versions. This can lead to an accumulation of the synthetic variants which may lead to harmful concentrations.

Experience the Benefits of Whole Food Supplements Today

If you’re interested in learning more about how a whole foods approach to nutrition can benefit your skin and overall health, book today with an Aescend artisan. We also offer a range of whole food supplements to help you get the vitamins and minerals you need. Without relying on synthetic alternatives. Remember, if your doctor or health professional has prescribed specific vitamins and minerals, please consult them before making any changes.