Cosmetic clinics offer a variety of treatments aimed at enhancing physical appearance. The options are diverse, from anti-aging procedures to body contouring, and so are the prices. But let’s focus on the costs. There is a lot of pricing variability in the aesthetics industry; why do some clinics charge more per unit/ml than others? But, again, think of aesthetics like wine.

From the outside, the stuff in the bottle looks essentially the same; it gets there by a relatively universal process of grape fermentation, ageing and clarification. It’s only when you crack the bottle and experience the wine inside, that you note the differences. And you know what makes those differences?

The People behind the wine.

The winemaker selects the grapes, adds the yeast, decides on the varieties and determines the age of the wine. The blend owner chooses how much labour, financial and emotional energy will be devoted to producing the wine. The sommelier at the other end sets the scene in which the wine should be consumed and maximises one’s experience of the wine.

Aesthetics is similar.

Yes, the process is universal at the end of the day – gels and substances are injected into the face. What differs is the people behind those injections and how much energy, passion and dedication they put into their end product.

We are the winemakers. The blend owners and the sommeliers that decide how long to devote to your treatment, how much we want you to savour the experience and enjoy the flavour at the other end, and how it is all packaged. The training, research and development that is put into the end product is our blend, and it is our brand.

It is important to understand the pricing structure and what is included in the cost of a procedure before making a decision. When you pay for treatment, you are ALSO paying for the person wielding the syringe. If you are paying the bottom dollar for your injectables, think about this, “do you really want the injector that only makes sales based on bargain pricing?” Remember, the cheapest option may not always be the best option, as it may compromise the quality of the procedure or the safety of YOU.

Ain’t no box wine at Aescend; think of Aescend Aesthetics like a fine wine; we are a subtle, carefully considered, aromatic flavour. Not a straight-up acidic punch to the throat that leaves you with a hangover tomorrow.