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"Offering minimally invasive procedures and treatments. We aim to promote in our patients, inner peace through outer harmony. An aesthetic clinic where we believe in the beauty of individuality. "

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Aescend Aesthetics is a cosmetic clinic based in Milton, on the South Coast of New South Wales. We are a discrete clinic offering minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and treatments, with the aim to promote in our patients, inner peace through outer harmony. 

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View our client results. Disclaimer: all advice included is generic in nature with variations existing between individuals and treatments. It is recommended that all cosmetic treatment be preceded by a thorough consultation. All cosmetic treatment carries inherent risks upto and including burns, blisters, asymmetry, infection, allergic reaction, tissue damage, bruising, swelling, pain, redness and blindness. Each treatment carries a specific degree of downtime which will be discussed thoroughly during consultation and ranges from 3 days to 2 weeks. All patients featured in before and afters have consented to the use of their photos.

At Aescend our consultations are comprehensive, and tailored to the needs of the individual, with the ultimate aim, to promote internal peace through physical harmony. We do not believe in copious treatment, ‘or changing a face’, we believe in targeted interventions, investing in maintenance, and adopting a lifestyle that will support the version of yourself you resonate with. When it comes to skin problems in particular, we have a holistic approach to intervention, often recommending lifestyle adaptation and allied health referral prior to (or alongside) clinic management. This is because we want our patients to experience results, and we want solutions for problematic skin that is long-lasting.


The goal has never been to be the only one, the biggest, or even the most successful cosmetic clinic. Instead, the goal we have always had for Aescend has been to build something we were proud of, something that made people feel safe when they walked in, and comfortable about sharing their personal fears and hang-ups”.

At Aescend we believe your experience commences before you even walking through our doors. To this end we invest time, effort and resources into our social media and web presence. We do not employ feature writers, all of the content your see on our blog, website and within our social platforms is carefully curated and written by the same artisans who treat you.


Our website is custom-made by local brand Soigne Studios and every inclusion has been carefully considered in terms of navigation ease, convenience, and access. We offer an online booking platform that integrates with our in-clinic patient management system, and allows for automated onboarding, follow-up, and record keeping. Patients have access to this program upon arrival to the clinic, checking-in easily by ipad. This enables paperless collation of patient information in a way that is quick, secure, and streamlined. 


At Aescend our focus in on providing more than just an aesthetic treatment, it is about providing an experience.

We want patients to leave our premises mentally and emotionally changed, which is a paradox if you consider that many seek out cosmetic treatment for physical means”. Our premises has private, on-site parking with a choice of accesses, and pristine views of the Milton farmlands. Upon entering our cottage-converted-clinic you will be struck by the chic, custom fit-out from local builder Mollymook Building Co, and the confident design of Jenna and Stacey. This initial, visual sensation is made only more enjoyable by signature scents from local company, Blackwolf Candles, and the melodic rhythms of carefully curated playlists emanating throughout the clinic. 


On display are a wide range of skin and personal care brands from popular and more boutique, predominately Australian-owned companies. As you will read on ‘Our Brands’ page, each range available at Aescend has been conscientiously selected by our artisans. Sought out for efficacy and affordability, the products on offer are personally tried and tested by Jenna and Stacey enabling them to make informed recommendations. To ensure that their patients have access to best practice treatment, our artisans recently partnered with The Secret Skincare to bring customised, dermatology-grade, prescription formulations previously unavailable in the region.


As Registered Nurses, we are committed to the ethics of our profession, viewing aesthetics firstly as a medical discipline. Our approach is to combine evidence-based care with artistic flair in a way that foremost, considers the psychosocial and physical health of our patients. To achieve this, we are frequently looking to expand our knowledge and skills. We read extensively, research widely, attend conferences annually, routinely seize training opportunities, and ensure ongoing involvement with industry organisations such as the Cosmetic Nurses’ Association (CNA) and Aesthetic Medical Emergency Team (AMET). Safety governs what we do which is what has led us to train in the use of ultrasound for injecting and keeps us maintaining clinical currency external to aesthetics.


We hope that your visit to Aescend is as unique as the beauty we look to capture in you. We hope you take the time to share our sanctuary and delight in the small touches we have added to make your visit more memorable. Enjoy gut-friendly beverages, and locally-made health snacks from Sammy’s Fit Treats, self-warming blankets and noise cancelling headsets as you recline in our LED room or enjoy a complimentary quartz mask; and additions such as Aescend branded ice-packs, carefully curated post-treatment packs, and a re-Cover makeup station complete with Synergie Minerals makeup. 


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At Solace, we blend modern comfort with ancient practices, to offer a retreat where relaxation takes on a form of art. Whether you seek solitude, respite, or a moment of introspection, Solace beckons you to unwind, recharge, and find solace in the care of our Aescend artisans. Housed in the studio at the bottom of the Aescend premises, Solace offers infrared sauna, to-shin-yoku head spa treatments, medifacials, shirodhara, body treatments and more.



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- shane

"The staff, Jenna and Stacey, were very professional and caring which put me very much at ease for my treatments. The clinic is a very calming space which is not only stunning in its decor but also spotlessly clean and hygienic."


"Stacey and Jenna offer an exceptional service. They are warm and compassionate and listen to concerns and never apply pressure to do anything one is slightly unsure about. They provide a professional and comforting experience. Love going to Aescend for treatments!" 


"I was extremely pleased with the professional service. The treatment I received was tailored to my needs, and the results were a natural enhancement, precisely the result I was aspiring to achieve"


"I am so happy with my visits to Stacey, I travel from Bateman's Bay."

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At Aescend we believe in the beauty of individuality and foremost honouring this. In a world where everyone is starting to look similar, set yourself apart by visiting an Aescend artisan. 


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