Aescend Aesthetics was founded on a want to provide responsible, accessible and contemporaneous cosmetic services on the South Coast. It is owned and operated by Jenna and Stacey, two Registered Nurses with more than 20 years of experience between them. At Aescend, we have a different approach to aesthetics with an emphasis on safety and results.


We believe in fair access to cosmetic treatment. We honour this belief by ensuring that our prices provide us adequate remuneration while also remaining at the affordable end of the market. Our product lines are chosen to support this vision as well as for their efficacy and safety.


We pride ourselves on providing safe, considered practice which is aligned to industry best practice. We are members of the Aesthetic Medical Emergency team as well as the Cosmetic Nurses' Association. We are also both concurrently employed in external disciplines of nursing and have extra qualifications in our relevant areas of practice, including Intensive and Emergency care.


We believe in quality products, care and treatments. We do not run off a production line mentality. We take the time to listen to your concerns, allay your fears and plan your treatments with the hopes of providing an exemplary product that you are happy with and we can feel proud of.


We believe in unique beauty and highlighting the features that make our patients individually appealing. Cosmetics should not be about masking who you are or trying to look like someone else, it should be about harnessing what you have.


We believe in treatments and products that work; and aim to align expectations throughout our journey with you.


We are firstly clinicians and remain beholden to this duty. With that comes a duty of care to our patients which we take seriously. We will always be available beyond your treatment to address concerns or complications if they arise.


We believe in discrete, natural-looking results that leave people guessing. No duck lips here!



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"I believe in individual variation and harmonising the features that make us unique. My wish is to promote a community feel, a hub where patients feel safe and cared for."

Jenna is a registered nurse with 10 years experience across numerous fields of nursing including primary health, dermatology, critical, prehospital and aeromedical care.

Jenna has worked for prominent private clinics in both Brisbane and Sydney, alongside renown plastic/cosmetic surgeons and physicians. While providing the setting in which a love for aesthetics was forged, these opportunities have also afforded her training with industry leaders in cosmetic treatments, laser and light therapies, hair and sexual rejuvenation interventions, and a myriad of skin therapies.

Having commenced her career in intensive care, Jenna has a holistic approach to aesthetics which considers the interplay of all body systems when assessing your physical concerns. 

She believes in safe and conservative application of cosmetic treatments to ensure a result that emphasises and harmonises your natural features, while ensuring maximal therapeutic effect.

In addition to holding a graduate qualifications in cosmetic nursing from Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Sciences (AACDS) - one of few tertiary qualifications on offer for specialisation in the industry, Jenna has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology), a Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Intensive Care), and professional certificates in dermatology and integrated health and Dermatology. She is also endorsed as a Remote Isolated Practice Registered Nurse. 

This year, Jenna is undertaking a Masters with the ultimate aim to become endorsed as a Nurse Practitioner. After almost a decade spent in the military, Jenna believes in equity and accessibility when it comes to health-based services. She enjoys the challenge of working in autonomous environments and gets personal satisfaction being able to offer novel therapies in regional areas. 

A belief that quality health-based services should be available and affordable irrespective of geography is a philosophy that motivates this venture.

- jenna

meet jenna RN, RIPRN | MNP, BAppSCI (Hum BIO), BN, CERT (COSM), GCERTNP (ICU) | NMW0001831187

At Aescend we are committed to safe, considered practice that is in the best interests of our patients and in keeping with the ethical standards of the nursing profession. 

As such we are constantly upskilling, improving and seeking innovative ways to ensure alignment to best-practice within the industry. Part of this quest includes maintaining active membership with governing and guiding bodies within the cosmetic industry. 


AMET was founded with the mission to increase aesthetic medicine safety standards and improve patient outcomes. 

It is an organisation of specialist medical professionals who provide 24 hour support and guidance within the cosmetic medicine industry, as well as current, evidence-based practice guidelines. Membership is currently optional for cosmetic practitioners within Australia. 


The CNA is a not-for-profit membership-based organisation, established in 2020 to serve as a collective voice for all nurses who provide non-surgical cosmetic services within the Cosmetic Industry in Australia and protecting the future of nurses.  

The CNA not only helps to protect patient safety by lifting industry standards but also strives to provide nurses with a safe working environment and a clear training and education pathway to advance their skills and expertise.  


"I believe in beauty with a conscience and responsible consultations, but foremost, I believe in quality and safety. As being at the bedside and seeing the passing and beginning of life is a privilege as a nurse, so too is witnessing the birth of personal belief."

Stacey is a Registered Nurse with 10 years experience who completed her training on the South Coast of New South Wales.

After spending much of her adult life between Wollongong and Narrawallee, Stacey has witnessed the evolution of this much beloved part of the coast. When the opportunity arose to bring contemporaneous services to the area, that would grow and modernise her hometown; Stacey was keen to be involved.

Having spent 2 years prior to nursing as an Assistant in Nursing, Stacey is empathetic. She has a devotion to patient care, and a genuine love for people that sets her apart from her peers. From her beginnings in the busy Wollongong Hospital Emergency department, she rose to become a trainer, educator and manager at the local hospital, where her face will be familiar.

The role that she held here as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, and the qualifications she has achieved, are testament to the internal motivation that excels Stacey to excellence in her endeavours. First meeting Jenna in Canberra where they were both studying a Bachelor in Applied Science (Human Biology), Stacey went on to do her Nursing.

In addition to her Bachelor of Nursing, she has a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Nursing and further qualifications in trauma and advanced life support. She has completed aesthetic training with the Aesthetic and Skin Institute as well as industry leaders in cosmetic and complementary therapies.

She has also recently completed graduate qualifications in dermatology, and is pursuing additional studies in female health and nutrition. She is the perfect partner to this venture, likewise valuing patient safety, quality care, and equitable services. Having spent most of her profession entrusted with life, you can be assured you are in safe hands with her as your dermal artisan.

Qualified in the therapies on offer at Aescend Aesthetics, Stacey is a formidable conduit by which to exalt yourself.

meet stacey RN | BN, GRADCERTNP (EMERG), GCERT (WOMEN's HEALTH) | NMW0001782505

- stacey

At Aescend we believe in the beauty of individuality and foremost honouring this. In a world where everyone is starting to look similar, set yourself apart by visiting an Aescend artisan. 


"My professional endeavour is to provide luxurious and therapeutic experiences, driven by results, consistency and safety."

Maggie is a registered nurse with 10 years of experience across the fields of primary health, paediatrics, cosmetics and community nursing. 

Maggie started her cosmetics career with the former Clear Complexions clinic, established by industry leader Suzie Hoitink. While with Clear Complexions, Maggie developed a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for skin. She soon became a senior consulting nurse which put her in good stead for employment with prominent Tasmanian clinic Sanctum Medical. 

At Sanctum Maggie started to truly specialise in skin, frequently employing different modalities to deliver the best, natural results for patients. She is skilled in skin therapies, platelet rich plasma (PRP) and other cosmetic treatments, laser and light modalities and Tixel.

In addition to her Bachelor of Nursing, Maggie has completed qualifications in Laser Safety and Makeup and Special Effects, she is also currently studying reiki, accupuncture and sound healing which she hopes to incorporate into a suite of medical facials at Aescend. Outside of her cosmetics history, Maggie has worked in health promotion roles including school nursing and care coordination/consultation. Her true passion is combining therapies in synergy to bring beautiful skin results in a way that supports physical and spiritual wellness. 

Maggie delivers thorough and considered consultations and is committed to ensuring contentedness in her patients. We know you will love her serene demeanour and caring, empathetic nature, she is the perfect addition to the Aescend team.   


meet MAGGIE RN | BN | NMW0001685893  

"I am passionate about 'lived-in', natural beauty. Brows, lashes and skin that is luscious and radiant, without a hint of being overly 'maintained'"

Meet Kori as part of our front of house team, where her endeavour is to provide patients with a seamless and enjoyable experience that invokes a true sense of having partaken in something unique.

Having previous experience in retail and administration, Kori is sure to establish a calm and inviting presence through her skills in customer service and efficiency of practice.

Having worked in the beauty industry for the last few years, Kori is also well versed in skin anatomy, able to advise on skin therapies and our range of over-the-counter products.

She is also concurrently completing her Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy though is already proficient in performing brow and lash treatments, including tints, shaping, lifts and lamination. She is passionate about complementing the natural colouring and features of her clients, recommending shade and techniques that will provide the greatest longevity and aesthetic benefit.

This year Kori is undertaking further training in our suite of medifacials, lymphatic massage, accupressure and the body treatments that will soon be available at Solace.

She has also recently qualified in lash and brow extensions, with these offerings soon to be available at Aescend.

In her free time, Kori is found flexing her artistic and creative flair, renovating and making beautiful cakes.