Clients are advised to begin their Aescend journey with our customised treatment planning service. This is a 45 minute session which involves holistic analysis, clinical imaging and treatment prescription based around your cosmetic aims. At the end, you will be provided with a written plan, skin care and supplementation prescription, samples and information to take home for further consideration. Patients are encouraged to periodically partake in treatment planning to assess progress and re-align cosmetic aims.


Our Philosophy

“The goal has never been to be the only one, the biggest, or even the most successful cosmetic clinic. Instead, the goal we have always had for Aescend has been to build something we were proud of, a place where people feel safe when they walk in, and comfortable about sharing their personal fears and hang-ups”.

“We want patients to leave our premises mentally and emotionally changed, which is a paradox if you consider that many seek out cosmetic treatment for physical means”.

At Aescend we believe your experience commences before you even walk through our doors. To this end we invest time, effort and resources into our social media and web presence. We do not employ feature writers, all of the content you see within our blog, on our website and within our social platforms is carefully curated and written by the same artisans who treat you.

the aescend difference

Our website is custom-made by local brand Soigné Studios and every inclusion has been carefully considered in terms of navigation ease, convenience, and access. We offer an online booking platform that integrates with our in-clinic patient management system, and allows for automated onboarding, follow-up, and record keeping. Patients have access to this program upon arrival to the clinic, checking-in easily by ipad. This enables paperless collation of patient information in a way that is quick, secure, and streamlined.

Our premises has private, on-site parking with a choice of accesses, and pristine views of the Milton farmlands. Upon entering our cottage-converted-clinic you will be struck by the chic, custom fit-out from local builder Mollymook Building Co, and the confident design of Stacey and Jenna. This initial, visual sensation is made only more enjoyable by signature scents from local company, Blackwolf Candles, and the melodic rhythms of carefully curated playlists emanating throughout the clinic. On display are a wide range of skin and personal care brands from popular and more boutique, predominately Australian-owned companies. As you will read on ‘Our Brands’ page, each range available at Aescend has been conscientiously selected by our artisans. Sought out for efficacy and affordability, the products on offer are personally tried and tested by Jenna and Stacey enabling them to make informed recommendations. To ensure that their patients have access to best practice treatment, our artisans recently partnered with The Secret Skincare to bring customised, dermatology-grade, prescription formulations previously unavailable in the region. 

The experience

At Aescend our consultations are comprehensive, and tailored to the needs of the individual, with the ultimate aim, to promote internal peace through physical harmony. We do not believe in large amounts of product, ‘or changing a face’, we believe in targeted treatments, investing in maintenance, and adopting a lifestyle that will support the version of yourself you resonate with. When it comes to skin problems in particular, we have a holistic approach to intervention, often recommending lifestyle adaptation and allied health referral prior to (or alongside) clinic management. This is because we want our patients to experience results, and we want solutions for problematic skin that is long-lasting.

To this end, we are constantly upskilling and seeking innovation. As Registered Nurses, we are committed to the ethics of our profession, viewing aesthetics firstly as a medical discipline. Our approach is to combine evidence-based care with artistic flair in a way that foremost, considers the psychosocial and physical health of our patients. To achieve this, we are frequently looking to expand our knowledge and skills. We read extensively, research widely, attend conferences annually, routinely seize training opportunities, and ensure ongoing involvement with industry organisations such as the Cosmetic Nurses’ Association (CNA) and Aesthetic Medical Emergency Team (AMET) who are committed to industry regulation. Safety governs what we do which is what has led us to train in the use of ultrasound for injecting and keeps us concurrently employed (and current) in our original fields of emergency, intensive and primary health care nursing.

We hope that your visit to Aescend is as unique as the beauty we look to capture in you. We hope you take the time to share our sanctuary and delight in the small touches we have added to make your visit more memorable. Enjoy gut-friendly beverages, and locally-made health snacks from Sammy’s Fit Treats, self-warming blankets and noise cancelling headsets as you recline in our LED room or enjoy a complimentary quartz mask; and additions such as Aescend branded ice-packs, carefully curated post-treatment packs, and a re-Cover makeup station complete with Synergie Minerals makeup for your use prior to recrossing the helm.

At Aescend we believe in the beauty of individuality and foremost honouring this. In a world where everyone is starting to look similar, strive for difference by visiting Aescend.


"The health and safety of our clients at Aescend is our #1 priority. Please take the time to read our policies below. By becoming a patient or making an appointment at Aescend Aesthetics you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Aescend is about aesthetically and spiritually transcending. Exalt yourself at Aescend." 

our policies

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Your safety and well-being are very important to us, and we understand that sometimes, unexpected changes in your schedule can occur resulting in last minute appointment changes. Conversely, as a small business, it is often very difficult to fill last minute cancellations and not only can this affect us financially, it can often inconvenience our own schedules. As such, we respectfully request that if you need to cancel or change your appointment, you allow us 72 hours notice. We do understand that this will not always be possible and as such our policy has discretionary flexibility.

Please note the following points relevant to booking and to be instated from Jul 22

  • Commencing Jul 22, we will require a booking fee for every booking. Please do not take this personally, we will be asking for a booking fee from every patient, regardless of whether you are new or returning to our clinic. We do this to ensure some small recuperation of running costs which occur to us regardless of whether you attend your appointment or not.
  • A booking fee will be required to secure your appointment. If you receive a notification from our system requesting payment of your booking fee, please do this within 4 days of your proposed appointment time to confirm your booking.
  • If you are not comfortable paying online, we can process your booking fee over the phone or in person. If a booking fee is not received prior to your appointment, we reserve the right to offer your appointment to another patient.
  • A minimum deposit of $50 will now be taken for most treatments. Larger amounts may be taken for treatments that carry a greater allocation of treatment time, or for which product needs to be specifically ordered in your name.
  • Deposits are redeemable from the total cost of your booked service which will be adjusted at the time of treatment.
  • Any cancellation or reschedules made in less than 72 hours will result in application of your booking fee which will only be refundable under the discretion of an Aescend artisan. Please note that under most circumstances your booking fee will not be refundable.
  • For illnesses and emergencies that occur with less than 72 hours notice you will be offered the opportunity to reschedule to another time within the proceeding month without forfeiture of your booking fee. A failure to reschedule will result in application of your booking fee, except for under extenuating circumstances. Multiple reschedules of your initial appointment may be considered a short-notice cancellation of your initial appointment, resulting in forfeiture of your booking fee as would have initially occurred.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your service, we may not be able to accommodate you. If this is not possible, please note that your cancellation fee MAY apply.
  • In the case of appointments being rescheduled, your booking fee will remain redeemable towards services, if notice greater than 72 hours is provided.
  • For cancellations with more than 72 hours notice with no intent to reschedule, patients are entitled to refund of their booking fee. Please note however, that any fees and charges associated with processing the initial deposit, and refund will be passed on to the patient.
  • Consultations remain free, but please try to give the same notice if you no longer wish to keep your appointment.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter. We look forward to seeing you at Aescend Aesthetics.

Cancellation Policy




At Aescend Aesthetics, we will always offer patients an opportunity for a free review following initial treatment. If we have performed the same treatment previously on you at the same setting or dose, we may discuss with you forfeiting review for your own convenience. In saying that, if you are concerned about your treatment or wish for a review at anytime we will do what we can to get you in as close as necessary for follow-up.

Regarding subsequent treatment at review appointments:

A review appointment should be thought of as an opportunity to check and correct treatment. It is time in which our artisans can touch base with patients, ensure that safety and efficacy has been achieved, and that you are satisfied. It is not an opportunity for additional treatment in order to prolong the efficacy of your initial treatment.

At the time of treatment, our artisans will discuss with you your concerns, your aims, and what you might expect from treatment. This will be balanced against budget, downtime, safety and aesthetic judgement. While we endeavour to predict based on experience, how the decided upon treatment will address your aims, the nature of what we do, and the response of each individual, is highly variable and so results often contain a degree of unpredictability.

In general, where we have made a dosing recommendation that has been sub-therapeutic, or requires correction i.e. in the case of anti-wrinkle treatments; we may compensate additional units at the discretion of the artisan. If a dosing recommendation has been made by an artisan and the patient has chosen not to accept this recommendation I.e. based on cost or personal preference, additional treatment will in most cases be at the patient’s expense.
If at the time of treatment you have indicated to your artisan that you wish for your treatment to ‘look natural’ i.e. retain movement, additional treatment to increase therapeutic effect will in most cases be at the patient’s expense where it has been deemed at your review that the original aim(s) have been met.

For treatments that rely on the regenerative capacity of your tissue I.e. Tixel, PDO threads, PRP; patients enter into treatment with the knowledge that results can not be guaranteed. At all times, our artisans will comply with best practice and perform therapies within their capacity to maximal therapeutic effect, however we will not accept responsibility for treatments that fail to meet your expectations.

All patients enter into treatment with the knowledge that maintenance of results is required, that the ageing process continues to occur regardless of intervention, and that treatment efficacy and longevity is highly variable between individuals. While we can give estimated times of effect and indicate the time frame in which most patients would require retreatment, results will vary between individuals and we cannot be held to account for specific intervals.

All patients enter into treatment with the knowledge that results may be effected by comorbid conditions, individual factors such as metabolism and medication use; and lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption, smoking, use of recreational substances, level of physical activity, diet, sun exposure and/or concurrent topical regimes. Where patients are not compliant with recommendations made by a dermal artisan, we cannot take responsibility for treatment outcomes.

Cancellation Policy




While we love children (and have them ourselves), we request that you try to book your appointment at a time in which you do not need to bring your children with you. We offer Saturday appointments, as well as appointments between the times of 9-5 on Mon, and Wed - Fri. We can also on occasion accommodate times outside of our ordinary hours to try and support various patients' schedules.

As you can appreciate we have a duty of care to anyone that comes on to our site, and under Australian WHS legislation this extends to non-patients (i.e. children and staff). We operate lasers, generate biological waste, and have no shortage of sharps around. While we do our utmost to ensure safe measures and minimisation of potential hazards, children lack the awareness we often rely on in order to ensure exposure remains low to everyone involved in the treatment process (including ourselves). It is often not possible to have children in treatment rooms as the risk of harm becomes unbearably high; though conversely, we cannot support children being left unsupervised among retail products and fragile property.

We kindly ask that you allow yourself (and others) the opportunity to indulge in some 'me-time'. We will do what we can to support you in this, and make accommodations where there are no other possibilities. On such occasions, please allow us notification prior to your appointment as rescheduling may be the best recommendation.

Cancellation Policy





For more information see our blog post on <Filler, Tox and CoVID-19 Vaccination>

In relation to health and safety during the CoVID-19 pandemic

Your health and safety are our greatest concern. As the CoVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve we have implanted the following additional infection controls measures to ensure the safest possible treatment for you, our artisans, and our other patients:

Things we are doing

Ensuring that clients only come to their appointment if they are well. Please see our CANCELLATION POLICY for additional information on rescheduling/cancelling when ill

Enhancing our already strict infection control standards, and ensuring hand washing before & after any procedure or client contact 

Disinfecting surfaces between clients & treatments 
Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with current NSW Health recommendations 

Limiting the number of people in the clinic 

Ensuring that all staff are fully vaccinated and symptom-free

Increasing routine cleaning, and regularly employing external cleaning staff to perform full site cleaning 

How you can help 

If you are unwell or have any symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection, please contact the clinic to reschedule your appointment. Please see our CANCELLATION POLICY for notice requirements.

Use hand sanitiser on arrival and as required 

Avoid bringing friends or family to your appointment unless you require a support person 

Let us know if you become unwell after visiting the clinic 

We recognise that some of the measures are an inconvenience but thank you in advance for your cooperation & understanding.

Cancellation Policy