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The Secret Skincare is an Australian-owned company founded by cosmetic medicine professionals Dr Clara Hurst and Dr Deb Cohen-Jones. Their mission was to reinvent the prescription skincare space, providing accessibility and simplicity for the everyday individual to experience a healthy, glowing complexion. Believing that not only should an amazing skincare routine be simple, the process to receive it should be too. At The Secret Skincare they have listened to the wants of patients to deliver the fundamentals of what they need; a simple, yet effective, regime. The Secret Skincare combines multiple, medically proven ingredients into simple, day and night formulas with the aim to create healthy skin functioning in optimal condition.

We have been so excited to launch The Secret in-clinic. Doing so has enabled our patients to access prescription-grade, custom skincare previously only available upon referral to a dermatologist.

As nurses we try to constantly stay on top of what is best practice in our industry, and we had always been morally averse to the idea of recommending products to patients that we knew were in some cases going to have a ceiling to their results or be sub-therapeutic. When it comes to advanced skin conditions, often high potency products available only by prescription are required, and in our regional location the process by which to source these for patients was particularly cumbersome. Often it required the patient to return to their GP with a formulation request provided by us, post consultation. Often patients were turned away by GPs or referred on to extensive dermatology waiting lists by doctors unfamiliar and uncomfortable with prescribing ingredients they were unfamiliar with. Today, we can consult patients in-clinic and submit a request for formulation into a system for review by dermatologists who upon approval arrange to have custom skincare solutions delivered to our patients. 


Born out of a passion for better skin health, Medik8 has been carefully developed with expertise and precision. Research sits at the heart of the brand - with Medik8 consistently developing never-before-seen technologies that maximise the health and vibrancy of skin. Founder and biochemist, Elliot Isaacs crafts each product with pharmaceutical-grade precision, so you can rest assured you're recieving high quality formulations that make a real, noticeable difference on your skin.

Predominately we were looking for a line that we could feel confident in recommending patients, that was affordable and effective. Medik8 definitely hits that mark, delivering a reasonable price point, and tangible results. Happily their sustainable, simple packaging also pairs beautifully with our clinic’s aesthetic. 

Both Stacey and Jenna use multiple products from the Medik8 range, which has cleansers, moisturisers and actives suitable for all skin types. At Aescend we also stock products from the Medik8 professional line for use in clinic treatments. Most of our peels and post care products are care of Medik8. 

Medik8 was a natural choice when it came to selecting a primary skin care range for Aescend. 

"The staff, Jenna and Stacey, were very professional and caring which put me very much at ease for my treatments. The clinic is a very calming space which is not only stunning in its decor but also spotlessly clean and hygienic. I would highly recommend Aescend and will be definitely be returning in the future for further treatments"

- shane

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Beginning in Queensland, with a natural, organic face cream; the NO FACE brand quickly recognised the power of plant probiotic peptides in the treatment of sensitive skin. With ingredients derived from Australian native plants, and a firm basis in science and biotechnology, NO FACE have become synonymous with highly active natural and organic compounds. They bring a range packed full of well researched, high quality ingredients, and innovative flair. There is something among their products for every skin type and concern.
In keeping with our constant search for clinically proven skin care ingredients, we came across Australian-sourced brand, No Face. We were particularly drawn to their innovative, science-driven approach to skin care, and their commitment to staying at the forefront of the cosmetic industry. Products that we have found great success with include their probiotic serums and creams, as well as the phytopeptide range which we utilise alongside Tixel treatments to increase therapeutic benefit. 
Synergie Skin was founded by Australian skin scientist and formulator Terri Vinson, who is recognised as one of the most innovative and qualified professionals in the industry. 

A passionate visionary driven to create the highest quality and highest potency products on the market, Terri harnesses her own unique synergy of scientific expertise and passion for ethical beauty to formulate transformative cosmeceuticals… hence Synergie Skin. Synergie Skin products provide consumers with maximal doses of clean and active ingredients, designed to create biological change at the source. Furthermore they are cruelty-free approved under the Leaping Bunny programme, responsibly sourced, and produced entirely on Australian shores to support local jobs and the economy. 

A favourite Australian brand, we were first introduced to Synergie circa 2014. Their products are clean, conscious and effective, with many safe for use immediately after treatment. We chose Synergie because we love their rich and restorative balms and creams, and their mineral cosmetics provide the perfect cover for patients post procedure in-clinic. 


Aliangé skincare is made and manufactured in Australia and contains proven actives, Australian botanicals and marine extracts. Dr Jamieson’s personal philosophy reflects the formulas; which are cruelty free, safe, have no animal testing and contain no harmful fillers, harsh chemicals, parabens, synthetic dyes or fragrances. They are also obtained from ingredients that are non-genetically modified and environmentally sustainable.


Aliange are a small, Queensland-based skin care company developed by an Australian dermatologist and her daughters. We happened across their vibrant marketing, small-batch ethos and commitment to skin care innovation while specifically seeking probiotic products (still not widely available on the market) for inflamed irritated and aged skin. We love boosting a skin care regime with their baby blue probiotic masque or electric green anti-pollution masque. 

But… they couldn’t find a sheet mask that ticked all of their boxes (and there were many). They struggled with masks that didn’t fit their faces, and with serums that were too runny and dribbled; or too sticky and left a tacky residue afterwards that pilled. So they set about creating the perfect range of sheet masks, and so was born The Unnamed.

A few years ago, The Unnamed founders Yana and Danielle fell in love with the concept of sheet masking. They loved the simplicity of being able to transform skin in just 15 minutes and that the sheet helps boost results by allowing concentrated serum to penetrate the skin more deeply. Most of all, they loved the ritual of sheet masking, not only as part of a skincare regimen, but also as a go-to form of self care.

Perfect for a girls’ weekend away, as part of a hamper for mum, or for enjoying yourself on a quiet night in, The Unnamed sheet masks are a gentle and convenient way of fitting skin care into a busy life. We particularly loved this brand as they offered a good price point, were Aussie owned, and when tested by resident, Miss Reactivity (Stacey), were non irritative. 

The Unnamed are an Australian-made and owned company offering generously laden, well-fitted sheet masks that facilitate skin hydration and transformation at home. 

Adore Eyes

Formulated and made in Canada, Adore Eyes is a luxury brand that promotes a natural beauty, enhanced by cosmetics with benefits. 

Their products are designed with a vision to empower women, and enhance their natural best. Results driven, clinically proven, advanced Triple Peptide formula provides unmatched performance on the market today. See their range of lash and brow growth serums in-clinic at Aescend :)

Tronque is made with an ethos of full ingredient transparency, and maximum safety and efficacy. It’s free from endocrine or internal health disruptors and other toxins, designed for the glorious spectrum of skin types, genders and ethnicities. Founded in New Zealand, Tronque stands against neck-down neglect, letting you treat your body as beautifully as your face – and know that you’re doing it in a good way, every day.

Tronque was born through founder Tanne’s struggle with her reproductive health. While recovering from surgery in 2019, she investigated her daily skincare regime. And was shocked to discover that a number of well-known global brands contained toxic ingredients proven to disrupt human hormonal systems. It led her to ask, is self-care harming our health?  

We came across Tronque on Instagram via the brand developer they share with The Gut Co. We were initially drawn to their beautiful packaging and brand representation but as we looked further into their products we realised they offered something we had been missing from our other retail lines and actively searching for… an effective, generously sized, active body exfoliator with clinically proven ingredients to target ageing changes of the body, as well as bacne and keratosis pilaris. We also love their scar concentrate and firming butter, and the fact that they are a small business based across the ditch in New Zealand.

  • More than 50 peer-reviewed published studies that validate its clinical claims and treatment protocols
  • Over 4,500 installations worldwide
  • Continuous research for new and novel indications and applications
  • Validated by the Journals of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, Photochemistry and Photobiology B, ASLMS, and many others
  • More FDA approved indications than any other brand

Omnilux is the most tested and trusted brand of LED phototherapy systems on the market today, and has been the gold standard around the world for medical and aesthetic applications since 2003.

As sceptics of cheap, self-administered LED masks, we were excited to hear that the manufacturer of one of the leading medical-grade LED systems had developed a take-home version of their in-clinic machines. We have full confidence in the power and efficacy of Omnilux LED masks, and no qualms recommending the investment for our patients concerned about ageing and/or problematic, inflamed skin. 

As part of our ever-present quest to provide patients with long term skin solutions, we started to investigate home-delivery LED systems, knowing that for many of our patients with acne or eczema, frequent clinic visits can be time consuming and costly. 
Theseeke was created after a very simple realisation: life is precious and we’re missing the simple pleasures because we're too busy. Theseeke products aim to encourage others to slow down and appreciate the simple things and moments in life. Theseeke uses natural plant based ingredients to create simple, clean skincare. All their products are made in small handcrafted batches in Sydney, Australia and supported by continual research. Theseeke aims to provide the most cutting edge plant based active ingredients as well as those beautiful natural ingredients that are tried and true.
A local, truly small batch brand with luxurious packaging and a social conscience. Theseeke products are hand made at the time of ordering from natural ingredients. Their bath and skin ranges have been the perfect complement to the other brands on hand at Aescend, allowing us to provide patients with products that lend themselves readily to self-care and pampering at home. 

"Stacey and Jenna offer an exceptional service. They are warm and compassionate and listen to concerns and never apply pressure to do anything one is slightly unsure about. They provide a professional and comforting experience. Love going to Aescend for treatments!" 


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Skin Artisan is devoted to providing essential self-care through handcrafted beauty tools and cosmetics. Launched in Sydney, Australia, in 2020, what started as a small family-run business has grown into one of the country’s leaders in beneficial beauty tools that combine high-quality and high-style in an array of products that positively impact lives. Innovative offerings include face rollers made from authentic jade, rose quartz, amethyst, and a wide range of stones; an all-natural alternative to help boost your skincare routine. Each roller is carefully made with silicone inserts at the roller joints to prevent noise and result in a smoother, relaxing rolling experience. Dull skin, drab complexions, and puffiness will be things of the past with our line of stone tools.

In the quest to provide a superior experience for patients we purchased rose quartz masks to use in-clinic post treatment. These can be kept cool in the fridge, aiding recovery and swelling with heat producing/uncomfortable treatments. Our patients loved the in-clinic masks so much we were repeatedly getting requests for masks they could purchase to take home with them or gift to people. It was hard to find a supplier in Australia who sold wholesale at a reasonable price for the consumer. Enter Skin Artisan! An Australian owned company, they specialise in precious stone beauty tools, and we’re addicted!

For their own line-up of gender-neutral fragrances, Josh and Jules combine native floral and spices – including Australian sandalwood, now being deployed by the fragrance industry as a sustainable alternative to Indian Santalum album – alongside ingredients from further afield that are pillars of the perfumery’s art e.g. Calabrian bergamot and Sri Lankan cinnamon.

Uber-cool Melbourne couple Josh and Julia Mihan developed their unique, all-natural collection after realising there was a gap in the market in premium Australian perfumeries.  They’ve already been hailed as ‘the BYREDO of Australia’, with a collection of fragrances designed and made in Australia that focuses not on the notes inside, but on stories.


In searching for a perfume line that we could stock at the new premises in Milton, we were particularly set on providing patients with unique scents, Australian quality and simple, aesthetic packaging at an affordable price. We tried a lot of different companies, settling on Mihan. We loved all of their scents which we felt were clean and light, and despite smelling very distinctive would appeal to a wide audience. Our in-clinic testers are wildly popular and on any given day you might get hints of the perfumes wafting off Stacey and Jenna. Jenna loves Mikado Bark, whereas Stacey is a Guilty Story fan.
The 23rd collection has recently been released, designed as a form of escapism, Elysium persuades you to pause and take a moment to bask in blissful memories. A timeless aesthetic re-imagined, comprising of decorative silhouettes for the gentler pace of the warmer months. Discover a harmonious collection that transcends modern styling, drawn from the beauty of the sea and the sand.


Amber Sceats were the perfect match, offering organic shapes, unique pairings and pieces that easily take the wearer from cas to occasion.

What is not to love about Amber Sceats? With our relocation to a larger premises in Milton we relished the idea of being able to take on more retail lines. We looked for Australian brands to take us into jewellery and perfumes ranges, that would promote the same affordable quality we tried to emulate throughout our other services. 


The idea of investing into silk products may seem foreign to some, but if you consider that we spend a good portion of our lives with our head on a pillow, and for the last couple of years, our face in a mask, silk products quickly become one of the most economic means of improving your skin.

Naturally antifungal and antibacterial, the fibres of silk are also smooth and glide over skin and hair. This means less friction and irritation, less creasing of the skin, reduced puffiness and stronger hair. If you suffer with hair loss, acne, rosacea, eczema, or generally dry and irritated skin you need silk in your life. Even if you are just concerned with preventing ageing…silk is a worthy investment, and safe during pregnancy/breastfeeding ;)

Established in Australia (2010), Addition Studio is a conscious company that envisions a life where refined design, a healthy lifestyle and a clear mind come together seamlessly. Addition Studio synthesizes popular culture, health, wellness, ancient ritual, sculptural aesthetics and modern art through the prism of utility. Every product that touches your skin is made in Australia from plant based ingredients. Full stop. At Addition Studio they are always learning & searching for the most natural solutions.

Born in Byron Bay, Addition Studios is a brand that is becoming quietly synonymous with clean, unique, minimalist and earthy, designer home décor and wellness products. They offer a beautiful range of incense, aromatic oils, burners and diffusers, as well as bath and skin products. Made from organic textures and ingredients, Addition Studios pairs beautifully with our own aesthetic, allowing us to continue cultivating a setting that feeds the idea of deserved, preserving, and ritualistic self-care. 

Founder and naturopath of The Gut Cø, Pernille Jensen has been researching the gut microbiome and the relationship between gut function and the rest of the body for the past 12 years. 

As well as continuously educating herself on the latest research, she has been educating every patient who has walked through her door on the importance of gut health and how it relates to being healthy and having a strong immune system and beautiful, glowing skin. The products offered by The Gut Cø are the culmination of years of experience and knowledge as well as a whole year spent formulating and sourcing high potency, sustainable ingredients that dissolve easily and taste great. Each product is bio-available (easily absorbable), highly effective, and is formulated without GMO ingredients, soy, gluten, synthetic flavours or colours. The Gut Cø products are FODMAP approved meaning they are easy to digest even for those with sensitive guts.

The Gut Co are an Australian owned ingestive company founded by naturopath Pernille Jensen. 

We loved the idea of being able to provide a holistic range of ingestables at Aescend – both naturopathically and nutritionally formulated. Like Vitasol, The Gut Co ingestives are specifically formulated for skin. We love the fact that they combine vitamins and minerals beneficial for skin health alongside probiotic strains important for improving gut function. The Gut Co blends are simple, clean and easy to incorporate, one focusing on gut function and the other on nutrient delivery. With Pernille’s background in design, they are also beautifully packaged and presented, offering a minimalist décor vibe.  


The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is an award-winning, premium range of supplements, which support healthy skin, overall wellbeing and environmental awareness.

Using evidence-based research, the ANP Nutritional and Skin Experts have formulated supplements, which combine premium ingredients to help maintain skin health and target skin concerns. At ANP they believe that the quality and combination of nutrients in their formulations are at a level that can really make a difference. Their ingredients, processes, partnerships and packaging all work together to provide a supplementation programme that not only encourages healthy skin but helps support a sustainable future. The team at ANP includes experts specialised in nutrition, professional skincare and pharmaceuticals.


Ultimately, we would eventually love to offer dietetic/nutritional services onsite and alongside our skin/hair consultations at Aescend, though our regional basis makes sourcing a clinician with the correct credentials difficult (please let us know if you or someone you know could fill this role!). Until such a time as we are able to offer such services, the Advanced Nutrition Programme enables us to bridge the gap and safely offer dietary supplementation that is targeted towards improving specific skin conditions (vs improving skin globally). 

Founded in Sydney by Ruth and Stephanie Robalino, Aéde is a wellness brand offering bespoke, Australian-made supplements to improve hair, skin and nail health.

Combining their extensive experience in the haircare industry, the Aede founders sought to revolutionise this area of the supplement space. They understood that while topical products work well to assist hair health, real, sustainable change needs to begin from within. Most importantly, they understood growing customer needs and believed in their ability to meet them in creating a unique solution. After more than two years of intensive research and development, Aéde’s first supplement Hair Activist was born; a pure, active and proven formulation specifically designed to assist hair, skin and nail health.

We came across Aede while looking for a hair growth supplement we could offer alongside our hair growth treatments. We were looking for brands with a specific combination of vitamins and minerals to support healthy hair, but that also targeted the hormonal side of hair loss with DHT/5a-reductase blockers. Aede has two formulations that are easy to take. One that is more relevant to thyroid and nutritional optimisation, and the other that is more aimed at establishing a healthy hormonal environment.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and the first to show external signs of premature ageing and nutritional imbalances. Nourishing the body with nutrient dense ingredients to assist cell integrity, hydration and antioxidant support is the foundation to glowing, radiant skin. 

By supporting skin health from the inside and refining the condition of the skin topically, we set ourselves up for the very best skin we can have. Vita-sol believe in getting nutrients as naturally as possible to feed the skin from within. Their products are developed by leading Australian nutrition experts using the highest quality natural ingredients from around the globe to bring pure and nutritionally dense formulas. Vita-sol products are targeted for specific concerns, free from added sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial additives and synthetic vitamins. Incorporating wholefood vitamins, minerals, sprouted blends and bio-active plant compounds using the most gentle extraction processes to ensure the highest quality products, without harsh chemical solvent residues or synthetic vitamins.

We were first introduced to Vita Sol listening to creator Fiona Tuck’s “The Forensic Nutritionist” podcast. 

It was a timely encounter, occurring at a point we were becoming increasingly interested and woke to the role of gut health and nutrition in relation to skin. We loved the relevance of Fiona’s experience, she is a certified nutritionist with an extensive history in the industry of skin and cosmetics; and her approach to health and sustainability. She sources the highest quality, organic ingredients for her range of ingestives and formulates them into tasty, pre-biotic-rich products that are easy to incorporate into busy lifestyles. 


7 years ago Wrinkles Schminkles founder, Gabrielle Requena, came across a real problem she was facing, those signs of aging on her chest. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Gabrielle got to work developing an affordable, super-effective and non-invasive range of products to help women look and feel confident, as they begin to age, gracefully...enter Wrinkles Schminkles; silicone occlusive patches that increase hydration of tissue and help to support skin thereby reducing wrinkles. 100% Australian owned, their patches are 100% Medical Grade Silicone and the only ones of their type - premium quality made in an FDA approved facility.


We sourced Wrinkles Schminkles on good authority from a close friend (also a Nurse) who routinely gets about 6 months out of her anti-wrinkle treatments. She swears that by wearing Wrinkles Schminkles every night to bed her antiwrinkle treatments are prolonged. Wrinkles Schminkles help to trap moisture into the skin and reduce muscle activity which may reduce local muscle metabolism and potentially give weight to her theory! We thought they would be a great tool for patients during lockdown and have kept them on for our pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and/or those that aren’t ready for injectables but who still want to combat lines. 

"I was extremely pleased with the professional service. The treatment I received was tailored to my needs, and the results were a natural enhancement, precisely the result I was aspiring to achieve"


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Black wolf candles are hand poured by local candle maker Vicki, out of her home in Burrill Lake on the South Coast of NSW in Australia. The candle workshop is called The Chandlery and it’s at the bottom of Vicki’s home. From a former life in pharmaceuticals, candles to Vicki are about ambiance, aroma and self care; about creating a relaxing and restorative environment, and ritualising reflection & restoration. 

All of the ingredients are sourced from Australia, and the candles contain the highest quality soy wax and premium quality fragrance oils or pure essential oils. They are free from palm oil, paraffin and petrochemical by-products. Vicki has made a concerted effort to reduce reliance on plastic and to recycle where possible. As such, packaging avoids plastics and bubble wrap, and a refill service is encouraged.

Blackwolf is a locally owned, small business offering scented candles and soaps. 

We were constantly buying Japanese Honeysuckle which filled the clinic with the most delightful aroma… and almost became synonymous with our brand. After many requests from patients, and quite a few refills we finally realised we should stock the candles ourselves! We now have the benefit of beautifully scented Blackwolf candles in-clinic, providing the perfect ambiance in which to Aescend.