What Is The Best Age To Start Getting Anti-Wrinkle Injections

anti-wrinkle injections

The decision to have cosmetic treatment is always a very personal one. It should not be driven by trends, friends, family, society, age, or anything other than how you feel internally. That being said, visible, age-related changes often become more noticeable in our early thirties. Because of this, early adulthood to mid-life is generally when people first start seeking out cosmetic treatment. However, in terms of prevention, the ideal age is probably earlier.

Before we dive into when the best time is, we need to explain what anti-wrinkle covers, since it doesn’t cover all cosmetic treatments.

What is Anti-Wrinkle?

Anti-wrinkle injections (AKA neuromodulators and muscle relaxants) act at the point where nerve tissue inserts into muscular tissue. By blocking action at this junction, carefully delivered injections may temporarily reduce muscular activity. The same products may also be used for down-regulating of sebum and sweat production, for muscle hyperactivity (e.g. spasticity, migraine, bowel motility),  reducing the appearance of dynamic wrinkles and muscle bulk; and to modify facial expression.

Most commonly we use these treatments to address wrinkles and lines. 

It’s important to know when is the right time to start considering wrinkle injections. Lets dive into the age groups and explore when it might be best to begin these treatments. This information will help you make decisions, about whether or not to opt for wrinkle injects.

How Long Do Anti-Wrinkle Injections Last?

To make a informed choice regarding wrinkle injections it’s important to have a clear understanding of how long the effects last. Various factors, including your lifestyle, financial considerations and overall interest can influence your decision. So what is the typical duration of wrinkle injections? Generally speaking the results of these treatments can be noticeable for 2-4 months, with some effects lasting a bit longer.

Doesn’t seem that long right? At Aescend we place importance on our free consultations, as they play a crucial role in assisting you in making an educated decision before moving forward with any cosmetic procedure. It is crucial to schedule a consultation to have a discussion, about your goals and aspirations. While you may initially consider anti-wrinkle injections the consultation may reveal that fillers are better suited to attain the desired outcome. Our knowledgeable artisans will navigate you through the options guaranteeing that you select the suitable treatment based on your individual needs and preferences.

To assist you in determining whether you should start anti-wrinkle injections or explore other cosmetic treatments, we have categorised specific options based on your age. Understanding these options can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your individual needs and preferences. Let’s explore the cosmetic treatments suitable for different age groups:

The Aims of Cosmetic Treatment in Your 20s

During the first few decades of life, we are still generating collagen, skin generally maintains good volume and elasticity, and we are yet to really see many of the cumulative effects of intrinsic/extrinsic aging. Thus, most cosmetic treatment in our 20s is prophylactic – as in, it is performed in an effort to slow the visible aging process. Frequently, we are aiming to:

  • Prevent the formation of lines i.e. with anti-wrinkle
  • Prevent sun damage and oxidative stress through diet, lifestyle, and sun protection
  • Maintain hydration and promote good skin health

Additionally, treatment in our 20s (or beyond) might also aim to correct asymmetries/irregularities, enhance, or add definition to particular features; or combat skin concerns such as acne.

The Aims of Cosmetic Treatment in Your 30s

During our 30s, age-related changes start to become noticeable. There is some minor collagen and volume loss, the skin might start to become dull and pigmented, visible blood vessels can develop, and lines move from being dynamic to more static. Cosmetic treatment at this time is about developing good habits and a routine that will set you up for the future. We start to:

  • Replenish and support collagen as much as possible
  • Perform minor corrections
  • Treat the signs of photoaging – pigmentation, redness, fine lines
  • ‘Prejuvenate’ – i.e. treatments that thicken thinning tissue, tighten skin with early signs of sagging, aggressively treat lines that are starting to deepen

The Aims of Cosmetic Treatment in Your 50s-60s

In our 50s, aging is starting to become more advanced. The skin is no longer effectively producing collagen, some existing collagen has been destroyed through sun and environmental exposure, lines are mostly static, the skin loses elasticity and thins – becoming textured, dry, and less capable of repair, and menopause causes significant changes to the fat pads on the face.

Here we are aiming to turn back the clock while making small adjustments that are in keeping with your natural appearance. It can be tempting to chase every line and lift every sagging bit of tissue back into a more youthful position; however, as one of the inevitabilities of life, this can be a mistake. Aging is beautiful, and cosmetic treatment should support this, not eradicate it. Furthermore, treatment should be age-appropriate, with the goal to delay and reduce the visible effects versus trying to completely abolish the signs.

When to Begin Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Interestingly, a survey recently published by one of the leading anti-wrinkle manufacturers shows the most engaged with anti-wrinkle treatment are the generation X’ers (>40 – 55). By contrast, a very quick analysis of our own patients indicates that the split is statistically not different in the percentage of patients we see between the ages surveyed by Allergan. Of our cohort:

  • 28 % of patients <= 29
  • 28 % of patients 30-39
  • 29 % of patients 40-55
  • 15 % of patients > 55

*note our data is taken from a whole patient sample and not selected out for those seeking cosmetic injectables only

Understanding when to begin anti-wrinkle injections is crucial for anyone considering cosmetic treatment. While age-related changes become more noticeable in our early thirties, prevention in our 20s can be beneficial. The aims of cosmetic treatment vary depending on age. From proactive measures in our 20s to more restorative approaches in our 50s-60s. Embracing the beauty of aging and choosing age-appropriate treatments can help us look and feel our best as we navigate the natural process of getting older.

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