Your Ultimate Cosmetic Post-Treatment Guide

Ultimate Post-Treatment Guide

Did you know the moments following the treatment are just as significant as the treatment itself? Below is our ultimate post-treatment guide as a cosmetic clinic to amplify your results:

Banishing Swelling with Smart Moves

When it comes to swelling, smart choices can make a world of difference. Steer clear of head-down activities and things that rev up your system, like intense exercise and stress.

Embrace The Cooling Power of Ice

Got a bit of swelling? Ice can be your ally, except after PRP treatments. It’s a simple trick that can significantly reduce swelling.

Rejuvenating Sleep Posture

Here’s a secret: try sleeping on your back, semi-elevated with a few pillows. This aids in gravitational drainage and speeds up your recovery process.

The Magic of LED Therapy

We have some exciting news: we offer FREE LED therapy! This is directed at inflammation, kickstarting collagen production and boosting wound healing.

Prep Steps Before Treatment

It’s vital to make some preparations before beginning your treatment. Avoid using any inflammation-inducing medications, like fish oil, turmeric, ginger, garlic or vitamin E. These precautions can help minimise the risk of bruising and bleeding.

Combat Bruising with Topical Solutions

Don’t let bruises get the best of you. Use hirudoid or arnica cream to tackle bruising head-on. These creams work wonders in reducing discolouration and promoting healing.

Guarding Tender Skin Against the Sun

When your skin is feeling tender, don’t forget the sun protection. Slather on an SPF to prevent complications and unwanted pigmentation. Check out the brands we carry to purchase products in-clinic or check out Medik8’s Physical Sunscreen on their website. Endorsed by us!

Nourish Dehydrated Skin

After treatments like resurfacing or laser procedures, focus on keeping your skin well-hydrated. Consider Medik8’s Recovery Cream, a rich and nourishing solution containing arnica for post-treatment care. Also carried in our clinic for purchase.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key, so keep sipping that water. And remember, don’t pick at your treated areas. Preventing infection is our priority, and any skin-penetrating procedure carries a slight risk. Keep things clean, hands off for at least 6 hours, and give makeup a little break!

Embrace Your Journey to Transformation

Are you excited to discover the variety of procedures we offer? If you’re eager to start your transformation schedule an appointment with one of our Aescend artists today!