When should I start getting cosmetic injectables?

Close up black and white image of dermal filler needle

The decision to have cosmetic treatment is always a very personal one. It should not be driven by trends, friends, family, society, age or anything other than how you feel internally. That being said, visible, age-related changes often become more noticeable in our early thirties.

Because of this, early adulthood to mid-life is generally when people first start seeking out cosmetic treatment. However in terms of prevention, the ideal age is probably earlier.

Interestingly, a survey recently published by one of the leading anti-wrinkle manufacturers shows that of the demographics surveyed, those that most engaged with anti-wrinkle treatment are the generation X’ers (>40 – 55).

By contrast a very quick analysis of our own patients indicates that the split is statistically not different in the percentage of patients we see between the ages surveyed by Allergan. Of our cohort:

28 % of patients <= 29
28 % of patients 30-39
29 % of patients 40-55
15 % of patients > 55

*note our data is taken from a whole patient sample and not selected out for those seeking cosmetic injectables only