Hx: One of the best skin rejuvenations we have seen, is that of our very own artisan. Prior to opening Aescend, our artisan was experiencing frequent eczema and perioral dermatitis outbreaks, and her skin was sun-damaged, pigmented and coursed with fine lines through her forehead, frown and eye area. 

Tx: In the photo taken recently, we have performed 2-3 Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments to improve pigmentation and skin appearance, Tixel for pores and skin texture, regular muscle relaxation to the lateral canthal lines, forehead and frown areas, and our artisan is consistent with a home treatment program that aims to hydrate and reduce inflammation. Throughout her journey she has also adopted a gluten-free diet and started using topical and oral pre/probiotics. She has found these changes to be essential to keeping her perioral dermatitis and eczema at bay, which she has so far managed in lieu of steroids or other medications.