Have you heard, we are now O-shot providers

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The O-shot is a trademarked procedure developed by Dr Charles Runels. It uses platelet rich plasma (PRP) derived from the patient’s own blood to help strengthen, revitalise and re-perfuse tissue of the vagina and clitoris by harnessing growth factors found naturally in blood.

The results?
– Greater arousal and improved sexual function/sensation
– Increased sexual desire and libido
– Vaginal tightening
– Stronger, more frequent orgasms
– Increased vaginal lubrication
– Improved comfort with intercourse (dyspareunia)
– Improved symptoms of stress incontinence and urinary control

How is it performed?
Tissue is numbed with a topical agent, prior to being injected with anaesthetic. Meanwhile blood is taken from the patient and separated by centrifuging.

The platelet rich plasma component is injected back into the clitoris and anterior vaginal wall. Initially the genitals are physically plumped by the volume of solution injected, though over time stem cells within vaginal and clitoral tissue are activated, laying down collagen, promoting nerve regeneration and encouraging formation of new blood vessels. Increased sensation, a thicker vaginal wall and improved cellular health may be noted in as little as 3 weeks, with maximal effect reached within 3 months.

On average effects last 12-18 months!

Downtime is minimal, discomfort minor, and your own products are harnessed in 1-2 quick, simple treatments.