Hx: Patient presented with concerns of abdominal skin laxity and significant striae alba (stretch marks) following the birth of her children. She had previously had surgery to try and improve the appearance of this area and skin needling with other providers to only moderate success. Patient was of very slight build with minimal underlying subcutaneous fat to support the tissue, which compounded the appearance of stretch marking. 

Tx: Patient was also interested in improving the under-eye area, which we assessed as being a high risk for overfilling/visibility of dermal filler given only a minor loss of volume in the area and thin overlying skin. We recommended an initial course of PDO mono threads laced with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), placed directly into the worst of the stretch marks. During the same session, left over PRP was placed into the tear trough hollows to improve skin thickness and pigmentation under the eyes. It was recommended that we use PRP here to first improve skin density as this would potentially resolve the patient’s concerns about her under eye area, without the need for dermal filler. If at the end of treatment, the patient was still concerned by the appearance of her tear trough, thus we discussed potentially using a small amount of dermal filler which would have a subsequently reduced risk of complications such as filler visibility and Tindal effect following skin thickening induced by PRP. The patient completed a full course of PRP to the abdomen and under eye area, as well as a second treatment of PDO mono threads, placed generally throughout the abdominal site. We also completed a session of Tixel to the abdomen 3 months after performing mono threads to improve skin uniformity. At this stage the patient has chosen not to do any further under eye treatment.