Melasma? Never heard of it? Well you have probably seen it…

Unfortunately it is an almost exclusively female phenomenon whereby melanocytes (brown pigment forming cells in skin) overproduce melanin, in a pattern that produces light brown, patchy pigment usually on both side of the face. This is often in the setting of high oestrogen/progesterone and can be precipitated by thermal or mechanical injury (think lasers, sun exposure etc).

Often there is a familial history with melasma and onset is at times of hormonal instability e.g. pregnancy, use of oral contraception, hormone replacement therapy.

The melasma journey is long. Once (if ever cleared), sufferers experience high rates of recurrence and should expect to commit to a life long sun exposure prevention regime. Unfortunately due to the deep irritability of tissue that many conventional pigment treatments (e.g laser and light therapy) cause, treatment is notoriously difficult. That said we do have a few tricks up our sleeve including skin needling, specialised laser facials, chemical peels, lifestyle assessment and topical remedies.

If you suffer with melasma, or know someone who does, come in for a free consult. As a fellow-sufferer we understand firsthand the frustration of the condition and will strive to achieve long lasting outcomes and control. Book below

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