Can Men Undergo Cosmetic Treatments?

cosmetic treatments for me

Its no secret that women under go cosmetic treatments daily, but it is the same for men? Do men undergo cosmetic treatments as much as women or is it their little secret? We like to call this SMB. (Secret men’s business)

Guys may not be talking, but the statistics speak volumes. More and more men are choosing to go under the knife — or needle — to combat their aesthetic concerns.

Gents your best kept secret is out. The cosmetic and wellness industry is increasingly becoming gender neutral. Since we are in the business of aescending ALL, we take pride in treating male clients too, with a focus on discretion, form and natural results. We understand that you do not like downtime, so our goal is to get you in and out of here looking as naturally enhanced as possible.

Don’t be shy, take a moment out and see what it’s all about.

What Do Men Really Want

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), men represented seven percent of all plastic surgery procedures performed in 2018. Their top-five most requested treatments? Click the links to check out our non-invasive options.

  1. Liposuction
  2. Abdominoplasty (a.k.a. tummy tuck)
  3. Blepharoplasty (i.e. eyelid surgery)
  4. Rhinoplasty

Last year alone, the ratio of non-surgical to surgical cosmetic procedures was two to one for men, with injectables, non-invasive body contouring, and hair removal among the go-tos.

With body sculpting, tattoo removal, manscaping [click here, you’ll be surprised], hair rejuvenation, chin and jaw defining techniques, sexual reinvigoration options, and subtle remedies for improving wrinkles we have you sorted.

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