Cosmetic Wedding Beauty Tips: 9 Months Out

A bride preparing for her wedding, following essential cosmetic beauty tips 9 months before the big day for a radiant and timeless look.

Looking for ways to enhance your look before your big day? Consider these cosmetic wedding beauty tips just 9 months out from the big day!

Continue PRP treatments for hair growth and skin rejuvenation

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is great for encouraging hair growth and revitalising the skin on your hands, neck, and face. If you’ve already had a few treatments, it might be time for another session. You can even get your husband-to-be involved with ‘honeymoon’ treatments. Learn more about ‘Male Rejuvenation’ on our website.

Treating pigmentation with IPL

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment effectively reduces pigmentation, superficial blood vessels, acne, and photo rejuvenation. A few sessions may be needed, and you can see significant results after the first treatment.

Follow up on body sculpting therapies

If you started body sculpting treatments 12 months ago, now is the perfect time for a follow-up session. Address stubborn areas of fat that may still be a concern.

Assess your skincare regime

If you’ve recently started using vitamin A or other skincare products, now is a good time to evaluate their effectiveness. Consider adjusting the concentration or frequency of use with guidance from your skincare professional.

Review lifestyle and dietary changes

Have you made any lifestyle or dietary changes in the past 12 months? Check if you’ve noticed reduced inflammation, weight loss, improved bowel habits, and less bloating. Keep up the good work or consult your clinician for further guidance.

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Make the most of the time leading up to your wedding by considering these cosmetic interventions and beauty tips.

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