Milk vs mylk

While milkshakes may bring all the boys to the yard, for some this delicious creamy liquid can be the source of many problems.

We cannot recommend you making any dietary changes without the advice of a qualified dietician, however if you are a large consumer of milk and find acne, inflamed skin, hormonal dominance and gastric upset to be part of every day life, consider dairy as a source.

Several studies document milk as a stimulator of gut microbiota change and this is an adaptation to increased levels of lactose entering the gut. While not necessarily a bad thing, the flora in our gut is innately connected to our capacity for uptake of nutrients.

Evolving evidence is showing milk may be pro-inflammatory especially in those with lactose and casein intolerance or sensitivity. In addition milk contains reasonable levels of saturated fat which is known to be pro-inflammatory and a large number of hormones due to the perpetual lactation of dairy cattle. Excessive hormones from milk may have the capacity to contribute to conditions of hormonal imbalance as well as contribute to poor gut lining integrity and elevated blood sugar and insulin levels.

Some of these effects can be seen in the skin with milk often linked to inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and eczema.

Give it a thought, or chat to an Aescend artisan today for more information.

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