What is platelet rich plasma (PRP)?

What is platelet rich plasma (PRP)?

PRP is a game changer in aesthetics for its regenerative properties. Arguably encouraging a deviation in the industry towards natural results, prp works on the principle of encouraging collagen formation.

It is formed by taking a sample of your blood in-rooms. It is then processed in a centrifuge which separates out the blood components, leaving the plasma (rich in platelets) sitting on the top. This can be siphoned off to be reinjected.

Containing a myriad of growth factors involved in wound healing and tissue regeneration, as well as some of the immune components of blood; when injected into tissue prp causes inflammation.. eventually resulting in lay down of collagen, increased cell growth and vascularisation of tissue (improved blood flow).

This has meant it has seen applications in injury resolution including soft tissue injury, osteoarthritis treatment and treatment of chronic wounds.

Aesthetically it has been used with success for:

  • hair growth

  • improving skin crepiness, hydration and density (general rejuvenation)

  • improving the appearance of the under-eye area

  • sexual reinvigoration in men

  • assistance with pelvic floor restrengthening and stress incontinence

  • assistance with vaginal lubrication

  • breast lifting

What a wonder! Truly liquid gold!

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