Treatment for teeth grinding + clenching (BRUXISM)

Bruxism or teeth clenching/grinding is a condition of muscular hypertonicity affecting the massester muscles (or muscles of mastication/chewing).

People with a tendency towards bruxism may experience headaches and damaged teeth, as well as jaw, ear, neck and face pain.

A simple solution for bruxism is anti-wrinkle treatment, injected deep into this large muscle.

Approximately 2 weeks after treatment, complete relaxation of the muscles responsible should occur, and at this time you may notice the jaw appears slimmer.

With prolonged treatment the intent is to cause wasting of the muscle potentially resulting in reduced frequency and severity of symptoms.

If you are someone that suffers from jaw clenching or grinding and resultant jaw pain, headaches, tooth damage and/or TMJ pain, get in contact today for a free consultation.

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