What are cosmetic injectables?

Hand holding syringe and needle horizontally

What are cosmetic injectables?

Cosmetic injectables encompass a variety of active solutions injected for cosmetic purposes into the skin.

They include:

  • dermal filler – to restore or add volume and/or manipulate form

  • anti wrinkle – to relax the dynamic muscles of expression and/or manipulate features

  • skin boosters – to hydrate + improve the appearance of skin

  • biostimulators – to intrinsically induce collagen production, improve skin quality, and improve density by encouraging innate biological processes

  • fat dissolve – compounds that act upon fat tissue + encourage the excretion of fat from the body

Cosmetic injectables can in the minds of many be off- putting, associated with ‘looking fake’, ‘appearing pumped up’, ‘overdone’….

And this can be true, we definitely agree. In the hands of unskilled, unconscionable injectors, or injectors who inject without passion, those associations can be correct.

HOWEVER! Cosmetic injectables can also restore and add balance, they can refine and harmonise features, and they can appropriately augment in 3 dimensions. Good cosmetic injectables often get overlooked because the beholder is unaware they are viewing a masterpiece. Injectables should never be detectable.

Be smart about your injectables. Research your provider and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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