Whitening + brightening products

Often we hear of whitening/brightening skin products, but what really are we expecting of these items when we use them? And when might we use them?

In a broad sense, whitening/brightening products aim to target pigment in skin. Often the products have not undergone the rigorous process of TGA testing and so without having clinically established efficacy, cannot make claims towards particular effect e.g. ‘pigment reducing’. However often the products will carry individual ingredients in them that have proven activity against certain ailments.

In terms of pigmentation, the process we are aiming to target is either conversion of melanin (brown pigment in skin) to its active form; or distribution of the melanin throughout skin layers. There are multiple different conditions of skin pigmentation each with varying aetiologies, implications and recommended treatments, however probably the two most common that we see in clinic are solar lentigines (freckles) or melasma (hormone driven, patchy skin discolouration).

We can certainly target both forms of pigment at Aescend, however ultimately pigment correction is about accepting a life long commitment to prevention and maintenance. Among other things, this includes daily SPF and protection from sun exposure as well as a home routine that includes those whitening/brightening products. Ingredients to look for include (though are not limited to):

  • azaelic acid

  • hydroquinone

  • vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)

  • glycolic acid and other fruit acids

  • kojic acid

  • oxyresveratrol

If pigmentation is a concern for you, come in today and see one of our artisans for a tailored plan to have you feeling bright and fabulous; or see our brightening products and treatments for pigmentation.

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