Aescend your skin with our facial packages

Help your skin aescend to new heights with one of our exaltation packages. Multi-modality treatments delivered together to target a multitude of skin concerns.

The Inception (the beginning) – commence on the path to exaltation. The skin is cleansed of impurities prior to application of a @Medik8_australia chemical peel. Followed by 15 mins of LED to compliment peeling aims, and lastly a cooling + hydrating mask

Celestium (of heaven, or the sky)
– bask in the beginnings of your own glorification with this laser facial that uses IPL to treat a myriad of skin concerns. Followed by LED and a cooling, hydrating mask that is draped over the face while a quartz roller is used for gentle lymphatic massage

The Aescent (the act of elevating to a loftier position) – begin your aescent to total facial illumination. The face is cleansed prior to being painted with liquid carbon. Our q-switched laser is then used to gently atomise carbon leaving skin taunt, vibrant and lustrous. LED is used to maximise effects, prior to application of a cooling, hydrating pearlescent moulding mask which glazes the skin.

The transcendence (existence, or evolution beyond normal) – Elevate skin from its basal existence to a more supreme status. Unwind with a cooling eye mask while anaesthetic is applied to the skin prior to percutaneous collagen induction (skin needling). Followed by 15 mins LED to help encourage collagen and reduce downtime. Finish with a cooling and hydrating moulding mask while you enjoy 10 minutes of massage.

The Divinitatem (the state of being divine, immortal) – Reach true divination. A carbon laser facial, followed gold-impregnated moulding mask languished over the skin while you enjoy a glass of champagne. The final gilding is infusion of the face with a curated elixir that adds hydration, smoothes lines, reduces pores and minimises sweat.

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