Is your LASER provider safe?

You may not realise, but Laser is actually LASER – an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

The technology is harnessed in the cosmetic industry to perform skin therapies and hair removal, where select wavelengths of light are focused in a single monochromatic (single wavelength) beam to produce thermal injury. Lasers are classified in Australia in accordance with their emissions, with most in the cosmetic industry falling under class 1C; meaning that the laser is only applied when in direct contact with target tissue (skin). 

Lasers (and light modalities such as IPL) provide fantastic results for skin. They can target pigment such as in blood vessels and brown discolouring of the skin, the can be used to treat tattoos and a myriad of conditions from laxity, scarring and fine lines to texture irregularities and hair removal. In the wrong hands however they can cause burns, blisters, long term scarring, worsening of pigment in light skinned individuals, or bleaching of skin in darker skinned individuals. In the worse case scenarios they can cause ocular (eye) injury. 

Sadly in Australia there is no national standard on regulating laser safety, it is a state responsibility to control. In NSW there are no restrictions on who can own and operate a laser…..

At @aescendaesthetics we are trained nurses who have completed additional learning in the use of lasers and associated medical complications. In accordance with QLD guidelines (which are the most strict in Australia), we have a laser safety plan, adhere to safety principles of laser use and our operation is overseen by a credentialed laser safety officer. Moreover because of the steps we have taken to comply with laser safety, we have been able to gain insurance for operation. You will note that during treatment the door is signed to warn of operational laser use, you and your artisan will wear eye protection, reflective surfaces will be covered, and windows dressed to avoid inadvertent transmission of the laser beam. Furthermore, we will generally perform test patching prior to treatment whenever we are concerned about additional risk.

Know your practitioner and choose wisely when it comes to your cosmetic interventions!

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