All about dermal filler

Generically, dermal filler is made from a molecule called hyaluronic acid. Found naturally in our skin, HA is a large sugar-based molecule that attracts a lot of moisture to it. For this reason HA is great for hydrating and volumising tissue.

Within our skin are enzymes that break down HA. The same enzymes are harnessed in the product hyalase which can be used to dissolve filler. Because of the action of these enzymes HA is organically broken down by the body – both the innately occurring HA, and the product that can be injected. Therefore, HA injections are thought of as treatments with temporary effects (usually 12-18 months). There are many different companies now that produce HA filler. Of the products available, many are quite similar, differing slightly by characteristics such as density, cohesiveness, and additives. Such differences can affect longevity of dermal filler, however these differences also allow for product flexibility in terms of where filler can be placed, how it can be placed and the properties is has once placed.

Filler serves a number of uses and more often than not, it goes unnoted by the untrained eye. It is only when filler is misused, overused or misplaced (either intentionally or unintentionally) that the signs of treatment become obvious.

Filler can be used for:

  • Treatment of smoker’s lines around the mouth and fine, superficial lines essentially all over the face

  • Rebalancing facial proportions

  • Treatment of deeper lines including the lines that extend from nose to mouth (nasolabial fold) and mouth to chin (marionette lines)

  • Revolumising hollowing under the eye

  • Cheek augmentation

  • Lifting the brow

  • Augmenting the nose (although we do not offer this)

  • Increasing balance, shape and size of the lips

  • Improving jaw angularity/definition

  • Lengthening or extending the chin

  • Improving a smile

  • Improving skin texture and hydration

That said, the decision to undergo treatment with filler is very personal and is not risk free. It is something you should consider alongside professional advice (not that of friends and/or family), and it should be done in an environment where you are assessed thoroughly with the time to ask questions and understand the process. Click below to book a consultation with an Aescend artisan or click here for more information.

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