Radical oxygen species + antioxidants

Radical oxygen species and antioxidants

You have probably heard the term ‘Radical Oxygen Species’ (ROS) especially in relation to skin care and ageing, and we all remember the iconic ‘Aunty who’ ad that introduced Australia to antioxidants (well some of us might). But do you actually know the significance of these?

ROS are oxygen particles present in the atmosphere and our bodies that have undergone a chemical change to be deficient of an electron. Because of this they readily bond with other molecules (‘are reactive’) and can thereby change the structure and function of substances. They may be derived from internal cellular energy processes, though are also caused through interaction with UV light in the environment.

In relation to skin ageing, ROS cause damage to cellular components – cell walls and membranes, the energy process of cells and DNA. Furthermore, studies have shown that ROS directly inhibit the formation of collagen while accelerating it’s destruction.

So where do antioxidants come into it?

Antioxidants are molecules that scavenge ROS and readily combine with reactive species to cause their neutralisation. Antioxidants are found in skin products as well as are richly available in the diet. The most relevant to skin care are:

  • zinc

  • vitamin C, E + A

  • carotenoids

  • selenium

We recommend a well-rounded approach to antioxidation (*not actually a word) with:

  • @vitasolptyltd Infinity powder daily

  • a well rounded whole food diet high in variety, colour, grains, nuts, fruits and veges and low in trans fats and sugar

  • a good skincare regime – including a zinc based SPF daily, and products designed at countering environmental ROS (see our Aliange Anti Pollutant Mask and Medik8 Physical Sunscreen)

  • in-clinic treatments to help rebuild collagen and encourage skin health

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