The skin benefits of the sea

How an ocean dive can benefit skin:

  • salt water is hypertonic meaning that its salt content draws moisture out of tissue. This includes the moisture in bacteria which when subjected to such conditions are dehydrated beyond revival. This is particularly pertinent for chronic wounds and conditions that have a bacterial element such as rosacea and acne

  • via the same process salt can balance oil and reduce sebum production

  • salt and water washing over the skin may also have a slight exfoliating effect which helps to increase skin turnover

  • swimming itself is a form aerobic activity which ultimately helps to increase blood flow to tissue and delivery of skin nutrients including oxygen. Thereby helping to restore and support skin health

  • the process of swimming itself can quieten the sympathetic nervous system and reduce stress (see previous posts on the effects of stress on skin)

  • exposure to UVB rays is essential for vitamin D conversion which we know is imperative for skin integrity. That said too long in the sun has obvious damaging skin effects and so exposure should be no greater than 10 minutes a day

  • on a similar note too long in the ocean can potentiate drying, dullness and irritation so your swim should only be brief to reap the beneficial rewards

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