Lip treatments

When we think of the lips and cosmetic interventions our minds immediately go to filler and over filler lips. But there is so much more possible and involved in landscaping this intricate area:

  • Down-turned or ‘frown’ lips can be treated to make the corners more up-turned with carefully placed anti-wrinkle and/or dermal filler

  • Dehydrated, wrinkled and dry lips can be rehydrated without drastically increasing size or projection with soft dermal filler

  • Smoker’s lines in the tissue around the lips can be treated with small amounts of anti-wrinkle and/or superficially placed dermal filler

  • Migrated or ‘trout pout’ ‘duck lip’ lips previously, treated with filler that has moved out of the lip can be dissolved

  • Careful placement of dermal filler can be used to highlight structural features of the lip including the red-white border (vermillion border) and columns of tissue from the lips to the nose (philtrums) to help add youth and definition back to the mouth area

  • Unfortunately not offered at @aescendaesthetics, but cosmetic tattooing is often a beautiful analogue to lip treatments, especially where asymmetry of lip colour lends to the perception of uneven lip volume. Cosmetic tattooing can help to augment the results we achieve by adding further definition and youthful colour to the lips. We recommend @timeless_cosmetic_tattooing for local expertise

  • Asymmetries in height and lip volume can often be resolved without drastically increasing lip size with little amounts of dermal filler and/or consideration of muscle activity around the mouth

  • A gummy smile can be treated by relaxing some of the active muscles around the mouth and/or injecting extra volume in to the base of the top lip

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