Your Ultimate Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Treatment Guide with 7 Essential ‘DO’s’

A bride preparing for her special day, following the Ultimate Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Treatment Guide with 7 essential 'DO's' for a radiant and confident glow.

Your wedding day – the day you’ve dreamed about, planned meticulously for, and want to look and feel your absolute best. When it comes to pre-wedding cosmetic treatments, there are definitely some “DO’s” that can ensure you’re walking down the aisle radiating confidence and beauty. Let’s dive into your pre-wedding cosmetic treatment guide.

Plan Ahead for Tailored Treatment:

Take the first step by visiting a skilled artisan to discuss your goals. Planning in advance allows you to craft a personalised treatment plan tailored to your needs. This way, treatments can be spaced out optimally, ensuring you achieve the desired results conveniently before your wedding day.

Celebrate with a Facial:

Indulge in a pre-wedding facial. Not only will this leave you feeling refreshed and fabulous, but it also gives you the opportunity to test the waters. You’ll discover how your skin responds and learn about any potential downtime, ensuring your skin is picture-perfect when it counts.

Pay Attention to Your Skin’s Response:

After each treatment, closely observe your skin’s evolution. This insight helps you track changes and provides valuable feedback to your artisan. This collaboration guides future therapies, ensuring you’re on the right path to your desired look.

Keep the Plan Simple:

With wedding plans in full swing, simplicity is key. Clearly communicate your goals to your artisan so they can develop a streamlined plan for optimal results. This eliminates the need for extra visits or added complexities, letting you focus on other wedding preparations.

Consider Your Diet:

Your skin’s radiance is influenced by what you eat. Consider reducing dairy, sugar, and trans fats – all of which are pro-inflammatory for the skin. Opt for a diet that promotes a healthy glow from within.

Coordinate Beauty and Cosmetic Treatments:

Align your cosmetic treatment schedule with your overall beauty plan. Remember, some treatments, like hot waxing and facials, might not be recommended following certain skin and injectable treatments. Also, keep in mind that tanning, including fake tans, could affect your eligibility for laser and light therapies.

Don’t Overlook Sweat:

Sweat might be an overlooked detail, but it’s easily managed in-clinic. Especially if you’re an anxious bride or having a summer ceremony, addressing sweat concerns can help you stay cool, calm, and confident on your big day.

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Your journey to wedding day radiance begins the day you book. Make sure you follow our pre-wedding cosmetic treatment guide here, to ensure you are on the right track at home!