Rosemary oil for hair loss?

Well here is an interesting one!

Although a lot more research is needed, early studies have indicated that rosemary oil may be beneficial for hair loss related to DHT when used over a period > 6 months.

Thought to bind to DHT receptors in the scalp and thereby prevent the damaging effects of this testosterone-related byproduct, rosemary oil was found to be just as effective as monoxidil therapy in the cohort studied. Furthermore, topical reactions from treatment were less in the rosemary oil group.

Interestingly a subsequent 2017 study proposed that rosemary oil may have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects and therefore also be relevant to infectious sources of hair loss.

There have been no studies testing the safety of rosemary oil alongside conventional treatments such as monoxidil, however for those that are concerned about beginning a lifelong commitment to drug therapy, rosemary oil may be a cheap, and safe alternative.

Good research is still required to support the regular use of rosemary oil for hair loss, but the concept is intriguing!

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