What Happens To The Face As We Age?

The Face As We Age

Ageing is a multifactorial process that should be considered across all levels when we are looking to aesthetically improve its signs.

So what happens the face as we age and what can we do?

Firstly, our bone architecture changes. Increased activity of cells that break down bone, overwhelms the activity of those that replace bone and we lose angularity of the skull so that features displace, tissue migrates and hollows deepen. This can result in jaw retraction, sunken eyes, and a drooping brow.

Muscles decrease in circumferential size and strength as well as their ability to contract. In particular this contributes to facial sagging and dropping of the brow and eyelids, it can also result in laxity of neck tissue.

Skin thins due to decreased blood supply, the effects of the environment, + destruction of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Furthermore downregulation of sebum exacerbates dryness, dullness and flaking. Skin can become more infection prone with pigment from underlying tissue more visible (e.g. dark eye circles). Reduced elasticity and skin density, results in gradual formation of wrinkles and lines

Fat increases and migrates to displace previous areas of volume (e.g. cheeks) to areas were volume is unwanted e.g. jowling + chin fullness. In some cases fat pockets can protrude beyond the muscle such as can occur with under eye puffinessLigaments that retain muscle position throughout life begin to lengthen, contributing to hollowing, sag and deep lining

Hair changes colour and consistency, + recedes up the forehead giving the appearance of a larger/longer forehead

Your Face Is Marked With Lines of Life

Gah! While ageing is one of the unfortunate inevitabilities of life, it can be beautiful.

As Lynsay Sands said ‘Your face is marked with lines of life, put there by love and laughter, suffering and tears. It’s beautiful’. However, If you are looking for treatments that target or simultaneously treat the effects of ageing, we provide a wide range of cosmetic treatments that may help.

Treatments That Can Help

At Aescend, we respect the beauty of ageing and the individuality of each patient we meet. Click here to learn more about our anti-ageing treatments or make an appointment here with an Aescend artisan.