How to counter age-related facial changes

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How to turn back time

From our previous post we know that as we age many unfortunate changes take place and there are a number of ways in which we remodel over time.
@aescendaesthetics our artisans can help to reverse the appearance of those changes! So for the following concerns:

  • Bone resorption – Highly crosslinked dermal filler can be place deeply onto the bone to mimic lost angularity. Think sharp jawlines and cheek definition

  • Tissue migration – A combination of carefully placed filler to support ligaments and other tissues, as well as modalities aimed at tightening skin (radiofrequency) can help to restore volume back to its rightful place.

  • Hollows – Hollows and lines may be diminished through the careful application of dermal filler. Sometimes this may be recommended in conjunction with other treatments to maximise results.

  • Thin skin – Thinning skin may be redensified by encouraging collagen production. A wonderful treatment for this is platelet rich plasma. Even greater results may be achieved by the addition of PDO threads.

  • Dry, dull skin – Laser facials and chemical peels may help to gently resurface skin, removing dull outer layers and encouraging skin turnover. Whereas skin boosters with hyalauronic acid give next level hydration.

  • Reduced elasticity – Radiofrequency and PDO threads may be used to tighten skin by stimulating collagen production. This may be further enhanced by the addition of platelet rich plasma and/or skin needling.

  • Pigmentation – Intense pulsed laser, chemical peels and skin needling can be used to target red and brown skin pigment, helping to respectively destroy it, lift it and disperse it.

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At Aescend we respect the beauty of ageing and the individuality of each patient we meet. Click here to learn more about our anti-ageing treatments or the button below to make an appointment with an Aescend artisan.

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