Summer vs. Winter Skincare Regime

Summer vs. Winter Skincare

Sandy toes, beachwear, and laid-back vibes – we’re cannot wait to soak up the summer. But amidst all the fun, here’s a little something you need to think about. Similar to how we might have a darker shade of foundation in the summer vs. the winter when the warmer months roll in, shouldn’t our skincare routine get its own seasonal makeover too? After all, achieving that coveted summer glow isn’t just about the sun – it’s about understanding the summer vs. winter skincare ingredients and how to adapt accordingly.

Add Heavy-Duty Masks and Night Creams in the Winter

When the cold winter weather starts to make your skin feel dry and parched it’s important to give it some nourishment. Despite the lack of blazing sun your skin still needs hydration during the months. The chilly temperatures can actually cause your skin to lose water than you might expect.

Why are heavy duty masks and indulgent night creams so important? Well they act as superheroes, for your skincare routine diving into your skin to provide a boost of hydration that is desperately needed when winter arrives. It’s like giving your skin cells a drink of water.

Consider heavy duty masks and night creams as companions, during the winter season ensuring that your skin remains soft, plump and radiant despite the cold trying to strip away its moisture. Go ahead. Let your skin experience the goodness of these hydrating champions. They are here to ensure that your skin remains as soft and nourished as a summer day regardless of the challenges that winter brings.

Sun-Kissed Summers Call for a Vitamin C Boost

Summer brings those golden tans and endless adventures, but it’s also the time when pigmentation and aging can sneak in. Enter vitamin C – your trusted ally in the fight against these issues. Here’s the lowdown on using it: mornings are your cue. Apply it after cleansing and toning but before moisturizing and sunscreen. Think of it as your secret weapon against sun damage. But remember, it’s not a replacement for sunscreen. Slather that on too. Use vitamin C every morning to keep your skin glowing all summer long.

Winter’s Fav Duo: Vitamin B + E

When the winter winds are blowing and your skin needs some care that’s when vitamin B and E come to the rescue. These important nutrients provide a comforting touch, for your skin during temperatures. Think of vitamin B and E as companions for your skin enveloping it in a nurturing shield that protects and nurtures. Whether your skin is dry or in need of attention during winter these vitamins have got you covered. Apply them after cleansing and toning. Before moisturising and let them work their magic. Your skin will show its gratitude, with a winter glow.

Vitamin A + AHAs to the Rescue

During winter, your skin might feel a bit blocked due to the cold air slowing down your skin’s natural oils. This can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. To tackle this, bring in the heavyweights: vitamin A and AHAs. These two tag team against clogging. Vitamin A encourages your skin to shed dead cells, while AHAs gently exfoliate, making sure those clogs are history.

Think of it like giving your skin a clear path to breathe. When applying your nighttime routine, remember to add vitamin A and AHAs after cleansing and toning, but before moisturising. Your skin will reward you with a radiant, winter-ready glow!

Summer Calls for BHAs

Ah, summer – the time when your skin can get a bit oily and breakouts might decide to join the party. But fear not, because BHAs are here to save the day. BHAs, or beta hydroxy acids, are like your skin’s superheroes. They dive deep into your pores, clearing out the gunk that can cause breakouts. Think of them as your summer bouncers, keeping oil and breakouts in check. Just remember to use them after cleansing and toning, but before moisturising. Your skin will thank you for the summer glow without the shine!

Sunscreen: A Must, Rain or Shine

Whether you’re chasing the sun’s rays during summer or cozied up indoors during winter, sunscreen is your constant companion. Don’t even think of leaving the house without it – your skin will thank you.

Cosmetic Nurse Tip

Pop Your Products in the Fridge: For a refreshing summer twist, consider stashing your skincare products in the fridge. A chilled serum or moisturizer on a balmy evening? Pure bliss.

Winter Warmth Without the Skin Scalding

Although a hot shower seems inviting in winter, it can strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it parched. Opt for a gentler temperature to keep your skin happy.

Looking for more beauty wisdom?

As long as you know what ingredients your skin craves from the summer vs. winter months, your skincare regimen should stay steady all year round. However, if you’re craving a personalised skin treatment plan, book a FREE skin consultation here from our expert Aescend artisans. Your skin’s journey through the seasons just got a whole lot more clear. Exalt yourself at Aescend Aesthetics.