Premium Fillers vs. Standard Fillers – What You Need To Know

Standard fillers vs premium fillers in the cosmetic industry

Okay, let’s talk about something that’s pretty common in the world of cosmetic treatments: the whole idea of dividing fillers into ‘standard’ and ‘premium’ by price and not results. In this article we will break down why some cosmetic clinics have fillers that are cheaper than others, and what it all means for you as the client.

Standard vs. Premium Fillers

Let’s start with why in the cosmetic world, fillers are labelled as ‘standard’ while others are labelled as ‘premium.’ The simple and main reason for this, is the cost. At some cosmetic clinics, standard fillers usually come with a more affordable price tag, while the premium ones are a bit pricier. But here’s the thing you need to know: all the fillers you can get legally in Australia are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association. That means all fillers are safe to use and meet all the rules. So why price them differently?

The Standard on ‘Standard’ and Premium Fillers

Most cosmetic clinics offer softer fillers as the ‘standard’ cheaper option because they tend to fade away within 6 to 12 months. On the flip side, those ‘premium’ fillers are more expensive, because they are stronger and can stick around for over a year. While this is the standard way to price fillers, we disagree with this method, due to a few reasons.

Tailored Treatments and Filler To Your Results

At Aescend, we’re all about putting your interests first. We believe in tailoring treatments to what you want and need. It’s not just about fillers either – we explore lots of different options to get you the results you’re after. We pick the best filler for you, (hard or soft) regardless of what category it falls into. Because we know that you’re one of a kind, and your treatment plan should match that. We also only use top-notch filler brands at Aescend. These brands are known for their super high quality. We’re all about making sure you get the best results possible for YOU.

We Choose YOU

At the end of the day, it really is up to you, your budget and the cosmetic clinic you go to. However, at Aescend, we choose you. We are putting your results above everything else. With a focus on what you need and using only the best products to help you achieve your beauty goals.

Come join us at Aescend, and let’s exalt your natural beauty!