safer treatments using ultrasound

Safety is one of our main priorities at Aescend. Although most of the treatments we perform are generally considered ‘safe’, there is an element of risk with everything we do. Using this process allows us to perform safer treatments using ultrasound (USS).

When it comes to treatment with hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, the risks can be more profound… especially if appropriate management is not initiated early and appropriately.

One of the biggest potential side effects of HA fillers is a phenomenon called vascular occlusion (VO). This is where product is inadvertently injected into or around an artery, causing blockage to blood flow. If allowed to progress, a VO can result in tissue damage, skin breakdown and eventually dysfunction/scarring. In very rare cases, a VO can cause blindness.

Filler can also become infected, and it can also trigger the immune system, causing nodules and granulomas. These are acute and chronic auto-immune responses during which the body starts to attack and wall-off placed product so that it becomes palpable, encased in scar tissue and in some cases tender/visible.

USS is a therapeutic and diagnostic tool that emits sound waves into tissue enabling real-time visualisation of different anatomical structures. It has multiple medical applications, and has recently been introduced into the aesthetic field as a way of reducing and managing adverse outcomes of aesthetic treatments.

On Ultrasound (USS) we are able to:
+ place filler with specificity while avoiding blood vessels
+ assess blood flow and return of blood flow
+ visualise nodules/granulomas
+ accurately place products that dissolve filler

This tool from @realtime_ultrasound enables for safer aesthetic treatment and prompt management of serious adverse outcomes, and is now available @aescendaesthetics. When it comes to choosing your injector, your priority should be safety too.