How to make your tox last longer

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Here are some tips to maximise longevity.

Invariably we all know the effects of anti-wrinkle are only expected to endure for 3-9 months. Though! This is highly variable and effected by any factors that increase your metabolism – think stimulants (coffee, pre work-out, illness, exercise, stress, medications), and your own innate basal metabolic rate. Furthermore, the dose you have will effect how long your anti-wrinkle is effective for with higher doses having greater duration of effect. Unfortunately though the trade-off is that higher doses will give greater relaxation of muscle and less expression.

The treatment area can also effect duration with areas with greater blood supply and more commonly used, theoretically experiencing more rapid reinnervation around blocked neuromuscular junctions.

So what can you do to increase the length of time your anti-wrinkle lasts?

  • more frequent dosing – not allowing muscle bulk to reaccumulate means dosing can be kept reasonably consistent and local muscle metabolism will resultantly remain low

  • beware systemic stimulants – exercise, coffee, recreational drugs, saunas, stress etc

  • avoid intense exercise and activities that increase heart rate at least 12 hours before and at least 48 hours after treatment to reduce site blood flow and keep product locally active

  • avoid very hot showers, saunas, hot yoga and adding excess heat into the system a few hours before your appointment and for at least 48 hours after to avoid denaturation of product

  • do not massage the site, sleep on your face or over use muscles in the post treatment period and this reduces local concentration of product

  • accept the trade off between degree of relaxation and duration of effect

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