How To Reduce Bruising With Cosmetic Injectables

How to reduce bruising with cosmetic injectables

Bruising from cosmetic injectables is, unfortunately, an often unavoidable side effect. While most of the time, we cannot avoid bruising, we can, however, reduce bruising with cosmetic injectables.

For those who are unaware, bruising occurs when a break in blood vessel integrity occurs, and blood usually housed in the blood vessel can leach out into surrounding tissue.

Often following injectables bruising is minimal or small, however sometimes bruising can unfortunately be large and unsightly, contributing to downtime. As cosmetic injectors we do all we can to avoid bruising both from a safety perspective (it’s difficult to assess for other complications in the presence of extensive bruising), a patient satisfaction perspective and a procedural perspective (extensive bruising accompanied by swelling can make assessing form difficult).

As injectors, there are certain measures we take to avoid bruising, including technique, product and patient selection, and a good knowledge of anatomy.

Here are a few tips for reducing bruising after your cosmetic injectables treatment:

  • Pre-treatment, pump up the aircon on the way to your appointment and ensure you have ice packs/cold compresses available for after treatment as cooling helps to reduce blood flow to the tissue.

  • After your appointment be mindful of activities that cause your head to be below the level of your heart – bending over etc.

  • Sleep on a couple of pillows as tolerated to help facilitate blood flow away from the site of treatment

  • After about a week, your artisan may advise it is safe to gently roll your finger tips over any lumps/bumps to help encourage integration of product and lymphatic removal of swelling. Many medications and underlying medical conditions can encourage bleeding and bruising, so make sure you disclose any active/diagnosed conditions and medications to your artisan

What Can I Take?

  • As directed by your doctor, consider ceasing blood thinning medication and anti inflammatories (aspirin, ibuprofen, mobic, voltaren) two weeks prior to injections and for 48 hours after.

  • Commence on arnica tablets (a natural remedy for bruising) for 2 weeks prior to treatment and continue thereafter to help expedite recovery. Likewise, bromelain (an anti-inflammatory enzyme from pineapple that does not have the blood thinning properties of regular anti-inflammatories) may help to assist with inflammation and might be consider pre and post-treatment

Topical Options

  • Supplements such as fish oil, evening primrose, turmeric, St. John’s wort * can thin blood and promote bruising. Physiological stress and illness can increase heart rate and thin blood, additionally symptoms of illness (vomiting) can cause increase pressure on local vasculature. Please advise your artisan if you are feeling unwell

  • Unless otherwise advised by your doctor, increase your intake of leafy greens, fish, broccoli and cauliflower prior to treatment as the vitamin K content of these foods can help to reduce bleeding risk

  • Hirudoid cream is also useful during recovery. Containing heparinoid this topical cream is useful for breaking down bruises

What To Avoid

  • Avoid rubbing or massaging the areas in the initial period.

  • Hot showers, saunas and activities that increase body temperature should conversely be avoided immediately prior to and for 48 hours after your appointment as heat contributes to enlargement of regional blood vessels and greater chance of bruising

  • Avoid intense exercise and activities that increase blood pressure and heart rate in the hours before your appointment but also for 48 hours after, as increased blood flow will exacerbate bruising at the site of treatment. As well as exercise, caffeine, stimulants, pre-workout and stress all increase blood pressure and heart rate

  • Try to avoid alcohol the night before hand and for 48 hours after as again, alcohol can increase blood vessel size and risk of bruising

What We Can Offer

Failing all else we have light therapy treatments available in clinic that can speed up recovery by helping to target the pigment molecules of collected blood selectively. Where our schedule allows, we offer LED therapy free of charge to patients who are concerned by their post-procedural bruising as we want to make the immediate period after you treatment as enjoyable as the eventual results

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