Hx: Patient presented with concerns of cellulite to the backs of both thighs. Upon further consultation it was revealed that patient also had a longstanding history of irregular bowel motions, bloating, difficulty losing weight, water retention, fatigue, anxiety and scant/absent periods after 10 years of oral contraceptive use. The patient had no other significant medical history, and maintained a healthy, active lifestyle.

Tx: We recommended that the patient consult a dietician and/or integrative health GP in relation to potential oestrogen dominance symptoms and generally improve dietary fibre. She was commenced on an ingestive formulation to aid liver and gut health and we started a series of radiofrequency treatments to treat cellulite. Since completing an initial course of RF, our patient has had 2 x 6 monthly maintenance treatments. She has also started working with a nutritionist who specialises in female hormonal health and stopped using the oral contraceptive she was originally taking. Her periods have normalised, she has lost weight, her gut symptoms have improved, and her fluid retention and cellulite have significantly reduced.