Options for cellulite and non-invasive fat reduction

Body sculpting solutions available now on the South Coast.


  • we are born with a finite number of fat cells. When we put on weight these cells take up more globules of fat, increasing in size, rather than us growing more fat cells

  • cryolipolysis uses cooling, vacuum applicators to cool fat tissue down to -8 degrees, the temperature at which distressed fat cells die

  • once selected for death fat cells are eliminated from the body via the lymphatics over the process of a 8-12 weeks

  • at this time people can experience upto 30% reduction of the fat layer in the area treated

  • subsequent treatments of the same area will continue to improve results

  • great for pockets of fat untouchable by exercise

  • non-invasive and no downtime

  • safe


  • uses gentle heat to warm the deeper layers of tissue causing contraction and generation of collagen, and fat cells in the area to leach their globules

  • again subsequent treatments recommended for more noticeable results, though immediate effects visible with treatment

  • great for reducing cellulite and tightening skin

  • non-invasive and no downtime

  • safe

Fat dissolve

  • injections of a soy bean derivative and bile salts to emulsify fat and aid it’s elimination

  • over a period of 6-12 weeks fat cells are again slowly eliminated via the lymphatics

  • an initial period of intense swelling gives a little more downtime than the other modalities and some tenderness is often reported

  • a tightening effect is often experience alongside fat resolution

  • better results achieved with at least 2 treatments

  • minimally invasive, some downtime

  • safe

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