Options for Eye Rejuvenation

Options for eye rejuvenation

A notoriously problematic area, the tissue around the eye is one of the first to show signs of age. Most of us contemplate under-eye surgery to rejuvenate our eye area, but we want to provide other options, including non-invasive solutions before you consider going under the knife.

As the skin thins it becomes wrinkly and translucent. At the same time we experience bone resorption of the orbit and widening of this hollow that the eye ball sits in. Fat pads and ligaments underneath the eye herniate, separate, and under the influence of gravity shift south. Furthermore, lymphatic drainage becomes less effective and increased fluid accumulation and puffiness may occur.

So what can we do? Here are a few options for eye rejuvenation from us at AESCEND.

  • Anti wrinkle to relax the muscles around the eye that pull inward, helping to restore a more ‘opened’ eye appearance and decrease the severity of ‘crow’s feet’
  • PRP to help rejuvenate tissue, treat crepeiness and alleviate dark circles
  • Dermal filler to restore volume in tear trough hollows and treat ‘tired’ looking eyes
  • PDO threads to the outer brow and/or under eye area to tighten tissue, reduce lines and gently open the outer eye
  • Tixel skin resurfacing to gently help tighten the general eye area, reduce heavy folding ‘hooding’ of the eye lids and help to restore lymphatic drainage of the eye area
  • Vitamin A eye cream for gently turnover of tissue in the eye area and encouragement of more youthful, bright skin
  • Silk products from @sco_luxurysilk to help decrease morning eye puffiness

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