Hx: Patient presented with concerns of skin laxity and early sagging around the neck and jawline. She also did not like the depth of the nasolabial area (folds from nose to mouth) and felt she was getting deepening marionette lines (lines from mouth to chin).

Tx: On examination, increased skin laxity of the neck and area under the chin was giving the appearance of increased fullness along the jawline. This was compounded by early volume displacement along the jawline, and some volume loss in the area in front of the jowl and though the mid cheek. To help to tighten the area along the jaw, we performed a treatment with PDO mono threads under the jawline. We also replaced volume into the cheeks, jawline, oral commissures, piriform fossa and around the chin/in front of the marionettes. In the before and after photos you can see sharpening of the jawline and tissue tightening under the chin. You can also see an improvement to the depth of the nasolabial area and improvement to jawline irregularity.