Treatment for Male Sexual Dysfunction

Treatment for male sexual dysfunction

Is there really a treatment for male sexual dysfunction or is it just an issue I have to live with? If you are asking yourself this common question, keep reading.

Did you know? In Australia up to 61 % (!!!!) of men have self-reported ED. While ED may be an indicator of an underlying health problem it often also has a hefty psychological basis and impact. Unfortunately, the prophecy may also be self fulfilling with bad experience potentiating the psychological element in a vicious cycle that compounds not being able to ‘rise to the occasion’.

A problem that is often not spoken about, it can seriously undermine self esteem.

The good news is that in 3 fast sessions, your ED may be improved, or even cured. Utilising platelet rich plasma (PRP) to restore blood flow and cellular health, most men experience improved ability and frequency of initiation and sustainment. Often there is also a reported improvement in sensitivity too.

Quick, with almost no downtime and using products that are natural and low risk.

Don’t suffer in your pants.

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