Insulin resistance + your skin

Insulin resistance. A state of pre-diabetes.

More and more evidence is emerging regarding the role that the gut has in potentiating Insulin Resistance (IR). During IR the effect of insulin is impaired and thus uptake of sugar for utilisation as a cellular energy source is impacted. This occurs in the setting of persistently high insulin levels, and as the body becomes desensitised to the action of insulin, blood sugar remains high. As such, harmful tissue end products can form in the skin, blood vessels and nerves. As a regulator between skin cell growth and maturity, the skin begins to show signs when insulin is no longer capable of effect. This may present as impaired healing; thin, lack-lustre skin; a propensity towards inflammatory lesions (acne and rosacea) and/or acanthosis nigricans (thickened, pigmented skin often appearing in body folds of the neck, groin and arm pits).

Thought to arise alongside gut dysbiosis due to abnormal translocation of sugar molecules from the gut, IR symptoms may be worsened in the setting of impaired liver function which often occurs alongside GD.

If you think you might have symptoms of IR, book a consult with an Aescend artisan below or discuss with you dietician/GP.

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