Lip proportions and lip filler

Although having an eye that is able to discern form, proportion and harmony is important as a cosmetic injector, we also work to known anatomical principles in order to achieve the ultimate aesthetic outcomes for patients.
With increasing interest in dermal filler soft tissue augmentation in the last decade, studies have aimed to quantify the ‘ideal proportions’ when it comes to lip enhancement.
Several studies that have surveyed the perceived attractiveness of different lip proportions have suggested a wide range of upper to lower lip ratios including:
– 1:1.6 for young Caucasians (Kar et al., 2018)
– 1:1 generally (Heidekruger et al., 2017)
– 1:2 young “white” females (Popenko et al., 2017)

By looking at such attempts at categorisation, the overarching message to take away is that aesthetic perception is influenced by a wide range of factors. Including: age, gender, cultural background, social ideals, individual facial features.
While it useful to employ objective measures to guide and structure facial assessment, it is unlikely that a reliance on these principles alone will achieve the optimal cosmetic outcome. Instead, as always, it is important to choose your injector wisely. A good place to start in your research is by looking at their work