Give your skin a boost

Looking for a little extra boost in your life…. or more so in your skin? We have the answer!

The primary skin boosters we have at Aescend are made of hyaluronic acid and/or ‘the pink’ – a potent cocktail of 56 vitamins and minerals that helps to revitalise fibroblast (collagen + elastic producing) cells.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) as a skin booster is injected in its very liquid form superficially into skin where is attracts a lot of moisture. The effect is long lasting (around 3 months), noticeably more hydrated, dewy, lustrous and plump skin which minimises the appearance of fine lines.

HA can be injected alone or mixed with PRP (see previous posts) for long-term skin-improving results such as tightening, improved tissue density and reduced crepeiness, greater skin elasticity and turgor. OR why not try a custom cocktail of HA, the pink (see above) and low dose anti-wrinkle for total skin transcendence!

Learn more about microinfusion and skin boosters, or book a consultation with an Aescend artisan below

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