How to treat lines + wrinkles

One of the reasons our patients come to see us is because they want to get rid of, or minimise wrinkles and lines.

Sometimes this is not as simple as it may seem.

When assessing facial lines, we consider them in terms of:

  • Dynamic lines – the lines that occur with movement of the facial muscles, the lines of expression; and

  • Static lines – lines that are more firmly etched and continue to be visible when the underlying muscles are at rest, or lines that are not associated with facial movement.

Thankfully there are a few tools in the armoury to help and improve both dynamic and static lines.

  1. Anti-wrinkle (botulinum derived toxin) – when injected into the muscle or skin overlying muscle, variants of this product block muscular contraction, leading to relaxation of the muscle. Great for improving dynamic lines. Often some improvement to superficial static lines is possible as the skin has time to regenerate when not being creased, however such improvements may not be sufficient for static lines that are deeply etched.

  2. Dermal filler (hyalauronic acid) and biostimulators – can be used to plump out stubborn static lines. May also be used to revolumise areas of the face thereby improving the depth of deeper skin folds and hollows.

  3. Resurfacing techniques – such as dermapen (skin needling) force the skin to heal and promote collagen thereby improving skin density. This may improve the appearance of static lines (and dynamic lines indirectly) by helping to increase the thickness of skin.

  4. PDO threads – Are a safe alternative to filler and can be used almost anywhere to induce collagen production and skin tightening. As such an improvement to static and dynamic lines is often experienced. Particularly when combine with the above therapies and/or platelet rich plasma (PRP).

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