FREE Cosmetic Consultations at Aescend

Free cosmetic consultations at Aescend

Thinking of coming to visit us?

First things first, you will always receive a FREE consultation at Aescend Aesthetics. We believe in giving you the best information to suit your cosmetic desires.

Here’s what you might expect from your first visit!

Usually our consultations are a minimum of half an hour depending on what the basis of your visit is.

  • During this time we will work out together what your main concerns are and what you are hoping to achieve with your visit. Often a lot of this conversation will take place on our comfy couches so that the topics are a little less confronting if it is your first time exploring cosmetic interventions. This will enable us to determine what treatments would best serve you and set expectations about the kinds of results we are able to achieve.
  • During the process we will often collect information on your medical history, medications and supplements you may take, symptoms you experience, the history of your skin and lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep and diet.

All of these elements will factor into the plan that we devise to address your concerns, and where necessary, we will refer you onto any external professionals that we feel may assist to optimise your results and/or wellbeing.

  • If you are suitable for treatment and we decide together how to proceed, we will discuss the pros and cons of each modality, as well as any downtime involved, and aftercare that might factor into your planning. If time permits we may take a series of photos for your patient file and look at the consent documentation.

Prior to leaving, we are able to provide you with a written quote for your services and a plan for your future visits. As relevant we will also send you home with product samples to trial and information leaflets with education and recommendations for improving general health and wellbeing to augment the results of your clinic visits.

Sound good? Book a FREE cosmetic consultation today!