What is skin needling?

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What is skin needling?

Skin needling (or percutaneous collagen induction) is the process of micro injuring the skin with needles. This in turn causes release of growth factors from capillaries that help promote collagen lay down.

At Aescend we use a mechanised device which can treat to varying depths. With this, serums and platelet rich plasma (see our previous posts) can be used to boost the effects of treatment.

Without application of heat skin needling is safe to treat most skin types where it is effective for essentially every skin condition you could imagine. Simultaneously treatment of pigment (including melasma), dullness, rosacea, mild acne, acneic scarring, fine lines, and improvement of tone and texture.

There are a couple of days of downtime where skin may appear red and bruised which may be accompanied by flaking, however this resolves quickly.

Currently available for independent purchase or combined with other modalities as part of our ‘Transcendence’ package . Click below to book or learn more here

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