Brittle, flaky, splitting nails?


Like the skin, our nails paint a picture of internal health. Texture, colour, shape, strength and uniformity can all give clues as to vital function.

Whereas pale or blue-tinged nail beds can hint at anaemia and circulatory and/or respiratory issues:

  • brittle nails may indicate lack of fatty acids, protein, vitamin A, iron or calcium

  • white spots can arise through zinc or vitamin B6 deficiency

  • dry or flaky nails can result from insufficient B12 and/or essential fatty acids

  • splitting nails can reflect hydrochloric acid deficiency and impaired absorption of nutrients

  • nails that curve downwards and flare can be due to respiratory concerns

  • vertical nail ridges may occur from digestive issues and subsequent malabsorption of nutrients

If you suspect your nails are telling you something, take a sec to listen to what they are saying and explore a little deeper.

Thanks to @fionatucknutrition for the info!

If any of these symptoms speak to you, consider visiting your GP and/or dietician, or book in for a chat with an @aescendaesthetics artisan to put you onto someone who can give you professional advice.

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