Hx: Patient presented with concerns of jowling and increased skin laxity. Patient was particularly bothered by this area, as she recognised that it was an ageing trait that was prominent throughout her family. The patient remarked that she “did not feel the age she looked”.

Tx: During consultation with the patient, it was noted that she was heavier, with increased skin crepeiness on the right side of the face. It was also noted that the appearance of this area was compounded by a recessed lower jaw and prominence of the upper teeth. An initial treatment of lifting threads was performed to rightfully restore volume along the jawline. Upon review, further treatment with PDO mono threads was undertaken to generate additional volume. At future appointments we intend to do some chin and lip filler to help harmonise and improve the side profile, as well as additional mono threads into the lower cheek to improve skin creping. Ideally, we would have performed a full lower face of mono threads prior to the lifting threads as this would have given the tissue greater lifting capacity, however unfortunately this was not possible with our patient’s timeline, as she travels a distance for her treatments.