Treat acne effectively


Acne is a debilitating condition that effects upto 90% of Australian adolescents, though may continue to peak and trough throughout life. It is characterised by whiteheads (closed comedomes), blackheads (open comedomes), inflammatory and pustular lesions that are disfiguring while active, and continue to plague the psyche of sufferers long after resolution due to the scarring that is often left behind.

Acne management should be thought of as a long term commitment, of multifactorial elements that synergistically help to heal the skin, and furthermore, aim to correct underlying physiological imbalances. Acne can rarely be cured in a single treatment, or by a single therapy and sufferers are hazarded against the appeal of quick-fix solutions. While there are powerful systemic treatments available depending on acne severity, often the side effects of these medications (hormonal pills, roaccutane, and antibiotic therapy), make them unappealing as therapy and we would argue that they should be entertained as a last resort remedy in many cases.

Alternatively we would encourage you to come in for a free consult if you suffer, or you know someone who suffers with acne. @aescendaesthetics we firstly attempt to ascertain the underlying cause of your acne – dietary insufficiency, sex hormone imbalance (e.g. PCOS) or underlying medical condition, thyroid underactivity, lifestyle factors… we then recommend a tailored program of nutritional support, stress management, topical home care regime and in-clinic treatments to ensure long term support.

Don’t suffer alone, we would love to meet you and your skin.

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