Anti-Wrinkle Lip and Chin Before and After

Hx: Patient presented wanting increased lip volume. After having recovered from facial injuries earlier in life, we sought an extensive history of her surgeries and whether she had resultantly had any plates/implants to repair facial fractures, as the presence of these could potentially place her at higher risk for infection with treatment.  

Tx: In consultation with our scripting doctor, and upon learning that the patient did not have any permanent facial architecture, we deemed that it was safe to proceed with injectable treatment to the lips. We gradually increased the patient’s lip volume over the space of 3 sessions, and 4 months. At the end of this period, our patient was still bothered by the projection of her top lip. Throughout our treatments, we had been careful not to place any product into the middle of the top lip as this was an area where the patient naturally had increased prominence. It is also noted that the appearance of the patient’s top lip is made more pronounced in the profile aspect due to slight recession of the lower jaw. At the patient’s last visit we used injections to try and relieve tension on the upper lip and reduce upward curvature of the chin muscle. At the time of her last review we felt that no further treatment was required, however we discussed with the patient the potential for a small amount of volume into the crease above the chin, lips and under the nose (philltral columns) if she was wanting to harmonise this projection further.